Spring Festival red envelope war, forcing the printing factory to roll?

Article | Chinese military strategy Zhao yu Spring Festival, the online red envelopes, notes are very lonely.People can’t help but ask whether the printing presses will run out of business if they use less money.Indeed, the world’s largest printing press would be in crisis.Earlier this year Delarue, a British money-printing firm that serves 140 central banks and contracts a third of the world’s banknotes, issued a profit warning.The company has been under enormous operational pressure since the COVID-19 pandemic, and even warned of bankruptcy in 2019.But in China, the printing companies have always been super productive.China Banknote Printing and Minting Group Co., Ltd. is the only company in China exclusively engaged in renminbi research and development, design and printing, with an annual revenue of about 25.5 billion yuan.It is no exaggeration to say that China Banknote is the largest banknote printing and minting enterprise in the world (not only the business of banknote printing factory). It not only has a huge scale of industry, but also has a complete and independent industrial chain.In addition to the production of raw materials such as banknote printing, printing ink and banknote paper, China Banknote also involves the manufacturing of special equipment for banknote printing and banknote making. It is the only monopoly enterprise with “banknote capacity” in China.However, in recent years, banknotes in the operating pressure has also begun to gradually appear.When the central bank plans the amount of money to be printed, it mainly considers two factors: demand from commercial banks;The other is to look at the recovery status, that is, the amount of damaged RMB that needs to be destroyed.Commercial banks, for their part, don’t like money very much.The more notes there are, the more manpower, transportation and security costs it takes to store them, so commercial banks are trying to reduce the volume of cash settlement transactions.In addition, with the rise of Alipay and Cloud flash payment in recent years, cash has almost disappeared in People’s Daily life, and commercial banks have less demand for cash.From the point of view of the recycling situation, the amount of worn renminbi is decreasing year by year.It is only when the notes have worn down enough that they need to be destroyed and printed in new ones of the same denomination. If the notes are in good condition, there is no need to reprint them.Obviously, today’s use of cash is lower, the life of notes is longer, and there is much less money to be printed.It can be seen that under the premise of both factors are unfavorable, the problem of excess capacity of Chinese banknotes is becoming more and more prominent.Since the business of banknotes is not popular, is it time for Banknotes to develop more diversified business lines?In fact, in addition to the business of banknotes, Zhongbanknote also has a large number of businesses involving anti-counterfeiting products, but these businesses are not the specialty of Zhongbanknote. In the vast international market, Zhongbanknote faces many strong enemies.As a strong rival of China Banknote in IC card industry, Germany Jiede Entered the Chinese market as early as 1994 and has occupied a dominant position in the public transport card and social security card industry in the first and second tier cities in China.In addition, the Australian government has also occupied the overseas market of banknote printing. With the core competitive advantage of plastic banknote making technology, the Australian government has taken over the banknote printing business of more than 20 countries, becoming the biggest rival of China Banknote to expand its overseas market.Although the current situation of the “inner roll” of the global banknote printing factory is serious, such competition is both a challenge and an opportunity in today’s banknote printing “arena”.If the banknote can seize this opportunity, it is likely to rise strongly in the key period of the industry reshuffle!Welcome to pay attention, know the man of the moment, read the legend of military strategy.Copyright, all rights reserved.Some pictures from the network if involved in infringement, please contact to delete

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