The Yangtze River Delta digital trunk Line has been opened to traffic!Qingpu District to hold the first forum and project road show 2022-02-24

The Yangtze River Delta digital trunk Line has been opened to traffic!Qingpu, held the first roadshow of BBS and project service for real qingpu development of digital industry, power “Yangtze river delta digital trunk” construction, speed up the agglomeration formation trillion-dollar digital economy, on February 23, relevant government departments, financial institutions, digital enterprise gathered at BBS “digital trunk” Yangtze river delta industry development and project roadshow, plan for development.This activity is co-sponsored by Qingpu District Development and Reform Commission and Qingfa Group, undertaken by Songyuan Fund and co-organized by Qingpu Sub-branch of Bank of Shanghai.Industry development on the BBS, in the morning, qingpu, qingpu, Zhang Hongzhou, director of the science and technology commission and economic committee, deputy director of the promise of “digital trunk” Yangtze river delta industrial policy and qingpu investment environment to learn to read and introduction, “Yangtze river delta digital trunk” excellent industrial supporting policies and the good living environment will undoubtedly make it a fertile ground for the healthy development of digital industry.Then, the forum also invited experts from well-known market funds IDG Capital, Detong Capital and Blue Lake Capital to give speeches on topics such as digital medical treatment, high-end “smart” manufacturing, software information and so on, deeply interpreting the industry connotation, development direction and investment logic of digital economy.All the speakers expressed that they would continue to pay attention to and support the construction of the digital trunk line of the Yangtze River Delta in the future investment process.On the afternoon of the same day, six companies, including Shenku Technology, Zhitong Technology and Jugeng Information, held a road show on the site.Qingpu district party committee standing committee member and deputy district ChangSunTing said, through the joint efforts of the parties, as the qingpu plant the seeds of digitization, produces high quality fruit, realize qingpu geographical center of Yangtze river delta and Yangtze river delta digital dual-core superposition of main hub, compose the digital businesses, financial institutions and industry development of a new chapter.

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