Two kinds of commonly used materials on the project, must understand before decorating clear, about household life quality

Two kinds of materials commonly used in engineering are natural materials and synthetic materials.As we all know, good decoration makes people feel comfortable and full of home, while bad decoration makes people upset and have no way to change!So where is the key to decoration?Depend on the choice that decorates material very much actually.So we should understand the commonly used material on the project clearly, ability decorates a satisfactory home to come.So what about all the engineering materials?Today I will introduce natural materials and synthetic materials these two categories, only do both collocation, just be a successful decoration.Natural material is to point to only through physical processing, such as grinding, cutting, sewing and other technology, the natural material, processing into engineering materials.So natural materials are not directly taken from nature, but properly processed.The characteristics of this kind of material is health and environmental protection, less pollution, is the first building materials in home decoration.So what are natural materials?Generally can be divided into organic materials and inorganic materials.Because metal materials are generally artificially refined and synthesized, natural metal materials can not be seen in home decoration, so the most common natural materials in home decoration are only natural organic materials and natural inorganic materials.Natural organic materials natural organic materials mainly include wood, bamboo, flowers and plants and other products.The common wooden furniture in our home, wooden floor, wooden door is the natural material of lumber kind, should notice to have a lot of now nevertheless the material such as combination of compound floor, plank wood, although it looks to be lumber, but essence is artificial synthetic material, it is two concepts completely.Potted plants made, rattan woven deck chair, bamboo basket, these are the best natural materials in the home, of course, most of them are used for decoration, air purification, and receive.★ Natural inorganic materials natural inorganic materials marble, granite, sand, soil, etc., these are the main engineering materials in the decoration, used in floor tiles, wall bricks, mesa and other places, with good engineering performance.Synthetic materials mainly include metal materials, composite panels, concrete bricks, plastics, paint and so on.These materials are made through artificial processing, which is not as healthy and environmentally friendly as natural materials, but it is the largest amount of engineering materials.Decoration can not be short of synthetic materials, one is because of the limited resources of nature, if all use natural materials, for the earth itself is a disaster;Second, because the performance of synthetic materials is stable and diverse, it can better meet the needs of decoration.Natural materials are healthy and environmentally friendly, but they have limited resources, single performance and high price.Synthetic materials have diverse properties, high yields and low prices, but they are polluting to a certain extent.In the decoration, it is necessary to match natural materials and synthetic materials. If economic conditions allow, wood floors and furniture should be used as much as possible to be more environmentally friendly and high-end.And decorate the family that budget is tighter, can use furniture of compound floor, plastic or metal properly, more concise material benefit.But no matter what kind of decoration, you need to pay attention to the decoration of ventilation for a period of time, to stay indoors to dissipate pollution.Above is two kinds of material commonly used on the project, can be used in decorating, need to do collocation according to oneself be fond of and economic condition.

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