Xiamen Cancer Hospital please choose Guangzhou Fu University Hospital: cryoablation to solve the problem of sarcoma ulceration patients

The incidence of tissue sarcoma in malignant tumors is increasing, especially in young people.Recently, a handsome young man from South Korea, Piao Jun (pseudonym), was admitted to jinan University’s Affiliated Fuda Cancer Hospital, suffering from multiple sarcoma.After a period of time, the body felt unwell, and the tumor was found to recur and then excised. Before long, the tumor recurred and metastasized after examination, and received various treatments successively in many hospitals in Korea, but the effect was not ideal.After many consultations, to learn about the famous minimally invasive ablation of jinan University affiliated to the large tumor hospital, Piao Jun for seeking a glimmer of hope in the despair, came to Guangzhou.Sarcoma ulceration faces amputation risk, how should do?According to answer professor niu Lizhi of vice president of big tumor hospital introduces, the characteristic of sarcoma, basically be to be in local growth speed is faster, because sarcoma is not strong to put change sensitivity, cut off can appear again.Often patients are caught in a cycle of surgery, recurrence, reoperation, and recurrence.However, there is no escaping the reality that many patients can no longer tolerate another round of surgery after several rounds of surgery.Faced with this, what can sarcoma patients do?At this point, the patient needs a “plan B,” or alternative treatment plan.Fortunately, in addition to surgery, minimally invasive ablation is the main alternative at present, including cryoablation and thermal ablation, among which the effect of cold ablation is more obvious in soft tissue tumors.Cryoablation is also recommended as a treatment in the NCCN guidelines in the United States.Piao Jun, because of the characteristic of sarcoma, repeated repeated did excision operation for a few times, appear to have a relapse again when tumor accompany the circumstance of transfer, Korean hospital also expresses to do not have better cure plan, he begins to transfer direction to other country for new cure a disease method, via ask about in many ways, he came to answer big tumor hospital.After coming to the university, the doctor made a thorough examination for him without stopping.A sarcoma on his right wrist had begun to fester because of delayed treatment.Conventional treatment would involve amputation. Amputation?This has no small impact on the future life of a 23-year-old college student;Physical defects and other people’s eyes will also cast a shadow on his heart, which will undoubtedly become a heavy burden.Piao Jun, heard this news repeatedly shook his head to refuse.After several discussions by the expert team of Fu University, the cryoablation treatment was proposed for him.The advantage of cryoablation is that it can quickly make the tumor necrotic, and the bleeding, stench and ulceration on the surface of the sarcoma can be alleviated.Frozen knife “power”, the arm successfully saved after adequate preoperative preparation, the operation finally began, the chief surgeon is professor Niu Lizhi of the compound large tumor hospital.I saw him calmly holding a number of cryogenic needles, eyes focused on the operation position, under local anesthesia, the tumor was completely wrapped by the ice hockey formed by freezing, static for a period of time, the sarcoma was rapidly necrotic, slowly atrophy scar.After two hours of cryoablation, the operation went smoothly, and the ulcerated and bleeding sarcoma that tortured the South Korean boy was finally completely inactivated, which not only avoided the traumatic outcome of amputation, but also fundamentally reduced the huge pain of the sarcoma brought to the patient.After undergoing cryoablation, He was kept in the hospital for several days and was able to return to South Korea.Niu lizhi said the patient also found sarcomas in other parts of the body, which were under control after our treatment.It is important to note that sarcomas are prone to relapse and spread, and the Korean patient is currently on medication to maintain efficacy.Fuda Cancer Hospital will continue to follow up the patient’s situation and make preparations for the next step of treatment.What is cryotherapy?The basic principle of cryoablation is: the rapid cooling of cancer tissue to below -160℃, and then rewarming, can directly cause dehydration and rupture of cancer cells;Or destroy tumor small blood vessels and cause hypoxia, resulting in tumor cell death;Dead tumor tissue left in situ after cold ablation can be used as antigen to promote anti-tumor immune response.Frozen cancer cells are more sensitive to chemotherapy or radiation, which can enhance the effect of chemotherapy or radiation.Cryotherapy has many advantages over traditional surgery and chemoradiotherapy.For example, for elderly patients and patients with poor physical function, cryotherapy does not require surgery, micro-trauma, which is conducive to patient rehabilitation and self-healing;For example, early liver cancer can be completely cured by cryotherapy, which can replace surgical treatment.The fuda Cancer Hospital affiliated to Jinan University introduced this technology from the United States in 2000. At present, fuda Cancer Hospital is at the forefront of cryotherapy technology in the world.More than ten thousand cases of cancer have been treated by cryoablation, including more than 20 types of cancer. The number of cases treated is among the top in the world.Disclaimer: the market has the risk, the choice needs to be careful!This article is for reference only, not for sale basis.

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