Yearning for ice and snow!Litang boy Dai Shaoyin Aeropex sports headphones on the plateau

During the Winter Olympics, another star that can rival the flow of Valley love Ling is undoubtedly Bing Dwen Dwen.How popular is it?Even Litang boy Ding Zhen posted online, asking who has bing Dwen Dwen and Xue Rong-rong.Although Litang is thousands of miles away from Beijing, Ding zhen’s attention to the Beijing Winter Olympics can be described as 100% true love.A day before the opening ceremony of the Winter Olympics, Ding Zhen, dressed in professional ice and snow equipment, presented a series of ice and snow movies to fans around the world in the beautiful winter scenery of the plateau and posted a message on weibo, wishing the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics all the best and a great success!In addition to showing fans what Ding zhen looks like without her national costume and in professional snow and ice gear, the film, shot by CHAMPION Sports Illustrated, has instantly become the target of a fan frenzy for some of her photogenic pieces.Ms. Ding, for example, wears Shokz’s flagship Aeropex bone-conduction sports headphones, which are already well known in professional sports circles.As we all know, the spokesmen and brand friends array of shao sound sports headphones almost include the world and the top domestic athletes.From kipchoge, the human marathon world record holder and Marathon champion at the Tokyo Olympics, to Froome, a quadruple Tour de France cycling champion, to Liu Xiang, a swimming champion.The reason why Aeropex sports earphone can obtain the unanimous praise of the world’s top athletes is that it must have its irreplaceable place.This “unique secret book” is actually the support of many patents and black technology on Aeropex’s bone conduction acoustic technology based on open listening experience.In ding Zhen’s hometown Litang such a harsh plateau environment, the performance of Aeropex sports headphones is more like a fish in water.It has IP67 level of protection, the conventional situation of wind, rain, rain, fall and water immersion, will not let it damage any fur.Unlike other in-ear TWS, it doesn’t go into the ear canal or wrap around the ear. Instead, it uses bone conduction to open both ears.This means that you can keep a keen awareness of your surroundings while enjoying hot music and listening to live broadcasts of the Winter Olympics while staying outdoors at the high altitude. It’s yyDS!The Aeropex has an eight-hour battery life, which is long enough for you to safely move from depot to depot for most of the day.Professional off-road sports circle people know, shao sound sports headphones are already old players.The most popular cross-country events in China: Chaigu Tangsi Cang cross-country Race, Ninghai cross-country Challenge, Batulu Guandong cross-country, Shaoyin are high-level sponsors.In another popular event — BMW racing across the mountains to the Sea, it can also be seen that many runners are wearing shao sound professional sports earphones to enjoy the fun of sports in music.Last year, shao sound circle of friends again, the new generation of domestic cross-country running leader Shen Jia-sheng became shao sound annual elite athletes.”I don’t like races where you can see the results at a glance,” Shin told media. “I like challenges and running in the unpredictable mountains, defying wind and rain to explore nature and face the unknown!”This kind of continuous challenge spirit and shao sound sports earphone brand concept happens to coincide, also let the cooperation of both sides come naturally.Due to the epidemic, many cross-provincial travel restrictions have not been lifted, so it may take some time to visit Ding Zhen’s hometown Litang.But with dingzhen Aeropex sports headphones with the same shao sound first movement, may hear more than the enthusiasm of the Winter Olympics, and the call of the plateau.

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