Big four provinces reshuffle: Zhejiang leading Jiangsu, Shandong regrettably at the bottom, Guangdong power shortage

The top 10 provinces may have many opinions and opinions, and many people have different answers.Narrow it down, and the top four provinces are already recognized: Guangdong, Jiangsu, Shandong and Zhejiang.So where do they stand?They lead the country in many fields, not just economics.If the comparison is made through economy, medical treatment, education, culture, urban construction and other aspects, there is often a certain subjective emotion.Many insiders prefer to measure a region’s strength in terms of finance.The main component of finance is tax revenue, which accounts for more than 75%, enough to see the quality of the economy.In the latest fiscal figures for January-February, there was no change in position compared with the same period last year.But compared with the total GDP that everyone agrees with, 4 strong provinces undertook big reshuffle.In terms of fiscal size, Guangdong (261.38 billion yuan), Zhejiang (219.61 billion yuan), Jiangsu (2111.31 billion yuan) and Shandong (148.6 billion yuan) followed.Zhejiang’s performance is an important reason for a big shuffle.In terms of total GDP, take the latest 2021 as an example, Zhejiang’s GDP is 7,351,576 billion yuan, which is at the bottom of the top four provinces, losing to Shandong and Jiangsu.From January to February, its fiscal growth rate reached 7.5%, with a fiscal increment of 15.36 billion yuan. Finally, its fiscal revenue reached 219.61 billion yuan, ahead of Jiangsu’s 211.31 billion yuan.Zhejiang province is so eye-catching behind, cannot leave ningbo, Hangzhou two big cities support, January-February, Hangzhou 65.2 billion yuan, Ningbo 43.15 billion yuan, the financial contribution of the two cities in Zhejiang province “half of the country”.In terms of growth, Shandong is actually the fastest among the top four provinces, reaching 8.5%, 1 percentage point higher than Zhejiang.Unfortunately, Shandong is still at the bottom, after all, Shandong’s economic foundation is poor.Some people say that shandong’s economic aggregate is not higher than Zhejiang trillion yuan?Don’t forget shandong has a population of over 100 million while Zhejiang has only 64.7 million.In addition to total economic output, other economic data in Shandong are almost at the bottom of the four strong provinces.Perhaps it is because of the courage after realizing shame that Shandong has accelerated the upgrading of industrial structure in recent years and carried out “removing cage and replacing birds”. After “Phoenix rising from the ashes”, various economic data have grown rapidly, and finance is a good beginning.Guangdong continued to take the lead in fiscal terms in January-February, outpacing Zhejiang province by 41.77 billion yuan, just two months.Guangdong will probably be China’s top fiscal province for the next 10 years.But the problem it faces also has, that is the lack of stamina.While Shandong grew by 8.5%, Zhejiang by 7.5% and even Jiangsu by 4.8%, Guangdong grew by 3.1%.At the same time, guangdong’s tax ratio was only 82.8 percent, lower than Zhejiang’s 84.4 percent and Jiangsu’s 83.6 percent.

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