Meishan wanderer outside: there is a kind of happiness called home for the New Year!

Year, what is it?Is looking up at the bright moon is bustling in the waiting hall is the red lanterns to illuminate the way home “home” this is the best sense of ritual during the Chinese New Year

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Today “small year” at this time of meishan East station exit the most lively carrying bags of home from the gate in line out of their walking in a hurry mood like flying sword toward the direction of home reporters here to search for three paragraphs about back to “home” story to share want to children!Want to parents!Wu Qiwen and his wife took more than 30 hours in the car, finally set foot on the land of their hometown again.”This is a gift for children and parents. It is a special product,” said Wu qiwen, clutching a suitcase.Wu Qiwen is 51 years old. He and his wife spend most of the year doing decoration work in Xizang province, so they cherish every opportunity to go home during the Spring Festival.”We usually only come back for Chinese New Year. This year we made some money and plan to stay at home longer and spend more time with our families.”When the reporter talked with him, Wu’s footsteps kept on, his face was full of joy at home, and he often explained, “My family is waiting for me. I have to go back quickly…”Looking at Wu Eldest brother’s smiling face, I couldn’t help being infected. Maybe the word “home” itself represents a kind of happiness.Take your wife and kids and go home!Kan Jianhong one hand holding his wife, one hand holding his children, laughing all the way.”I am very happy,” kan Jianhong, 42, said with a smile, after going to Yunnan in 2000 and having a wife and two children for 21 years.My wife, who is from Yunnan province, said, “Although we both live in Yunnan with our children, I know how much he misses his hometown. My husband hasn’t been home for two years because of the epidemic. So we agreed to accompany him back to Dongpo for the Spring Festival.”Even though they have been drifting for many years, when it comes to the Spring Festival, the direction of home guides every far-away wanderer.Have no money, go home for the New Year!Zhao Qian is wearing a leather coat, pulling a suitcase, a neat buzz cut hairstyle, showing the vitality of his age.Zhao Qian this year 20 years old, just started to work, his words revealed a witty: “I came back from Guangdong, young people always want to go outside.”Just graduated Zhao Qian chose to go to Guangdong, just work for half a year he has not become the heart of the successful people glory home, but he said: “have no money, go home for the New Year!”Zhao qian’s parents are still working in Chongqing, and only his grandparents are waiting for their grandson to return home: “I brought gifts and wrapped small red envelopes for them to enjoy their grandson’s happiness!”Finish finish, Zhao Qian pulled his small suitcase toward the “home” direction forward.Everyone who returns home has his own story. What these stories have in common is “coming home for the Spring Festival”. There are cares and misses about love, warmth and watch…The way home may be shoulder to shoulder all the way may need to cross the mountains and seas even if the road is far home is always our haunting home to have a kind of happiness is called home New Year!Source: Wei Dongpo

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