Several men in Henan stopped a wedding car to ask for red envelopes, and asked for 100 yuan

At the end of the year, the wedding ceremony of the family cluster, in the wedding process, who do not want to see unpleasant things happen.However, sometimes it’s hard to avoid trouble.XiQian “please” is the custom in some parts of the wedding, if you really just want to be happy, also may be we have fun together, the key is some people take the practice as a means of fundraising, envelopes for less reluctant had stopped the car don’t let go, to the bride and groom in the mind special GeYing, thoroughly a red-letter day, appear this kind of “incident”, no matter who,The in the mind affirmation is very angry, but helpless again, met unreasonable person, also take him no way.January 24, zhumadian, henan plain has a pair of new people at a local hotel, wedding procession vehicles had just opened a hotel, not far away were already waiting at the hotel near the “welcome” to stopped, there are two big ye very “fierce”, unexpectedly with steel frame, said don’t give a red envelope and then smash the car, but also the lion big mouth,Offer them 100 yuan each.So “pleasing”, is really beyond reason, not only annoying, but also make people angry, this behavior and “highwayman” what is different?And in broad daylight, in full view!It was so blatant, eventually someone at the scene had to call 911.The online video showed that there were a lot of people gathered on a street not far from the hotel. Among them, two old men stopped a wedding car, and the old man in a yellow military coat held a steel frame above his head, threatening to smash the car. His attitude was extremely imperious.The wedding car did not dare to provoke them, trying to walk around from their side, holding high the big man saw the wedding car want to “slip”, immediately become angry from embarrassment, actually really hit the steel to the wedding car, the onlookers some people shout, there are people hurriedly stepped forward to stop, but did not stop.Such a scene, I believe that we are very angry, really for the old disrespect, good festive atmosphere, was destroyed by them.On the morning of 24 according to the witness at the scene, the plain one family at a local hotel wedding, the groom with a ridiculous, just received from the hotel the bride, ready to drive home happily, who know how long the car haven’t open, was stopped by a few of the old man to the road, they also don’t mention it, came up and said “welcome” to a red envelope,Because the local have this kind of “lovable” local custom, the other is the old man, don’t want to trouble the ridiculous, someone gave a few red envelopes, in the past gave immediately thought the old man can pass, who know each other could abandon the amount is too small, in the red envelope hard block money not to let go, even to dissuade people screamed in anger: “step aside!”There were 5 yuan and 10 yuan in the red envelope. The old man disliked the lack of money and suggested that there were 3 of them and each of them had to give 100 yuan plus cigarettes.This unreasonable request was rejected, the old man was immediately furious, not only did not give way, but also took the steel frame to smash the wedding car.It is rare to get red envelopes so justly and boldly. To prepare some red envelopes for marriage is to celebrate happiness, but the amount is not important.Obviously these old people are not simply “pleasing”, completely want to use rogue means for their own money, its behavior has touched the bottom line of morality, it is outrageous.Later, the couple didn’t want to be upset, so one of them told the old man that he could give them another red envelope to get out of the way for the bride and groom’s car, which led the old man away.After the wedding car took the opportunity to drive away, the old man did not get the red envelope, was really teased, they were very angry, toward the direction of the wedding car in the past, but where do they have a car fast?Finally, he did not catch up with her. He was so angry that he muttered something in his mouth.According to the hotel staff who held the wedding ceremony, the couple had just left the hotel when they met an old man in front of them asking for a red envelope, which had never happened in the hotel before.At that time to see the wedding car was stopped, the hotel manager and security are past, but a good laundry list, the old man is not willing to let go, and then had to call the police.According to a runan county police staff, around 9 am on The 24th, people called the police, claiming that elderly people stopped the wedding car, forced to ask for red envelopes, attitude is very bad.When the police are ready to police, 9:30 xu, the police call back again, claiming that the wedding car has left, the old man also left, do not need to police temporarily.In view of this situation, the police remind the public, the end of the marriage of the couple, if this kind of thing happens again, suggest the police processing.Some local netizens said that it is almost an unwritten rule to ask for red envelopes in rural weddings. The groom usually prepares some red envelopes worth a few yuan. The villagers who get the red envelopes just want to be happy, and no one will care about the amount.

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