Tonight, three five-star red flags are raised!Look, this is the smile of a dream come true

Tonight, three five-star red flags are raised!In Zhangjiakou medal Plaza, China’s Xu Mengtao received her coveted gold medal in the Fourth Winter Olympics,16 years hold a ceremony tonight kiss Xu Mengtao gold tears when the second surface of the five-star red flag for Su Yi sound at the moment when the national anthem rising Su Yi sound hat estrogen sing along with the third side the five-star red flag rose for GuAiLing ceremony GuAiLing kissed this precious silver on three sides by a red flag with five stars, reflects your smiling face look, this is a dream come true!Original title: Tonight, the three five-star red flag rises!You see, this is the smiling face of the dream come true –) source: Beijing daily WeChat public reporter | car club Pan Zhiwang Beijing daily (ID: Beijing_Daily) integrated Beijing daily client (reporter: Li Yuanfei 陈嘉堃 Deng Fangjia Pan Zhiwang), @ CCTV news, @ the People’s Daily process editor: TF010

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