Henan two consecutive days of local 0 new!Attached to the latest list of henan medium-high risk areas

From 00:00 to 24:00 on February 1, there was 1 new imported confirmed case in Henan province, with no asymptomatic infected person or suspected case.Thirty-six locally confirmed cases were cured and discharged from hospital, and one asymptomatic imported case was released from medical observation.From January 21, 2020 to 24:00 February 1, 2022, a total of 2,656 confirmed cases (2,508 domestically and 148 imported) were reported in Henan Province, and 584 hospitalized cases (570 domestically and 14 imported) were reported. Six asymptomatic cases (six imported) were still under medical observation in Henan Province.A total of 63,566 close contacts have been traced, and 5,860 are under observation.The latest!List of Medium-high Risk Areas in Henan As of 0 o ‘clock on February 2, 2022, There are 1 high-risk area and 2 medium-risk area in Henan.High risk: 1 In Anyang City (1) in Tangyin County Guxian Town all-area risk: 2 in Anyang City (2) in Baiying Town of Tangyin County (reduced scope by The whole area of Tangyin County) in Yigou Town of Tangyin County (reduced scope by the whole area of Tangyin County) source: Henan Provincial Health Commission, Dahe Daily video

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