High-tech Zone: innovative government service mode of “three innovations and three breakthroughs”

The high-tech zone focuses on the problems existing in government services such as cumbersome processes, low efficiency and poor service, adheres to the reform thinking of “breaking and establishing simultaneously”, explores the mode of “three innovations and three breakthroughs”, and effectively improves the capability and level of government services.Since last year, the government service hall has accepted 14,870 service matters, with the on-time completion rate, on-the-spot completion rate and public satisfaction rate all reaching 100%.We will innovate the approval mode of “four general offices”, crack the problem of multiple offices running one office, and promote “one general office” in all areas.Based on the data of Shandong government affairs service platform, we carefully sorted out administrative permission items and public service items, and put them all into the reform list of “One office”.Up to now, a total of 823 administrative permission items at the district level have been handled in the administrative hall, with a occupancy rate of 100 percent, enabling the masses to do everything through a single door.Second, we will continue to implement the all-in-one Internet scheme.We have sorted out and published a list of matters handled online, and now 823 district-level government services can be handled online. Through online booking and mailing of required documents, the whole process of government affairs can be handled online without meeting each other, thus solving the problem that people have no time to handle matters during working hours and no place to handle matters after work hours.Third, we innovatively implemented the “local management system”.We extended the Internet plus government services model to more areas, delegated authority to 34 villages in six communities in three towns and subdistricts, and continued to streamline approval procedures.We will explore and promote a seamless mode of handling government services at the window, PC, mobile, and self-service terminals, so as to provide people with better government service experience and ensure that government services are handled locally.Up to now, a total of 80 town-level approval services have been delegated to lower-level governments.Fourth, we will step up cross-regional cooperation.It has reached cooperation agreements with 72 cities, counties and autonomous regions in 16 provinces on services such as enterprise registration and individual business registration, effectively solving the problems of “multi-location”, “round-trip” and “long time”.Up to now, 5,536 “provincial” and city-wide “matters have been handled, and more than 40” inter-provincial “matters have been handled, reducing the handling time and the number of errands by more than 66.7%.Enactus’ service mode of “four assistants” has cracked the low efficiency. First, “one to one” helpers for key projects.In response to problems encountered in the development of 86 key projects in provinces, autonomous regions, special teams have been assigned to provide “menu” services, such as door-to-door services, delayed services, and special cases. The “door to door” service has been replaced by “door to door service”, constantly improving the efficiency of examination and approval.We will ensure that enterprises and projects are put into operation.By the end of March, 41 key projects had been resumed, providing strong support for a “good start” for the economy in the first quarter.Second, the hall handles affairs “heart-to-heart” assistant.Set up an assistant business team, set up a special line of examination and approval service, and provide the whole process, free, one-to-one service for the enterprises and the masses;The “fast channel” for aging service was opened, and more than 1217 special people, such as disabled people with mobility difficulties and elderly people who cannot use electronic devices, were provided with “hand in hand” guidance and assistance services such as answering questions, filling in forms and operating systems.Third, online handling of “face to face” helpers.Relying on shandong Provincial Government affairs Service network, “Shandong Provincial Investment Project Online Approval” and other business ports, the full implementation of all kinds of government services online handling, market access and other business “zero meeting” approval, the declaration process may be encountered in the form of “video + explanation” “face to face” guidance operation.Ensure that online processing is convenient and efficient.Up to now, the total number of remote business guidance 62 times.Fourth, self-service “peer-to-peer” helpers.Set up the self-service service area, launched the “second batch second handling” self-service equipment, further promote the commercial registration “second batch second handling”, applicants only need to take an ID card,According to the prompt of the computer, it can handle the registration of three types of market subjects: individual business, natural person sole proprietorship limited company and sole proprietorship enterprise, which greatly improves the efficiency of administrative examination and approval.Up to now, more than 502 government services have been handled in seconds.To create the “four systems” supervision mode, solve the poor quality of work is to implement the system of open work, the implementation of sunshine government supervision.In accordance with the principle of “openness is the principle, non-disclosure is the exception”, the administrative guide has been placed prominently in the window, and the examination and approval items, procedures and fee standards have been clarified. They have also been publicized on the website and information disclosure bar of the High-tech Zone Administrative Commission, so that the public can know them at a glance, at a glance, and at a glance. Up to now,All 823 administrative review and approval items and services were made public, realizing “transparent” services.Second, we will improve the internal control and restriction system to prevent and defuse risks of approval.Formulate the Interim Provisions on Standardizing the Management of Administrative Examination and Approval Decision-making Procedures of the Administrative Examination and Approval Service Department, Measures for The Supervision and Assessment of The Staff of the Administrative Examination and Approval Service Department, and the “Good or Bad Assessment” Work System of the High-tech Zone Government Affairs Service, and other supporting regulations to supervise the real-time handling and conduct regular assessment;At the same time, the organization of all party members, cadres and workers before the meeting of the law, watch the warning education film, timely notification of discipline inspection and other measures, focus on the ideological correction of staff inaction and “lazy dragging” and other problems, standard work operation and cadre behavior, effectively enhance the satisfaction of the masses.Since the beginning of this year, four training sessions have been organized, nine notices have been issued, and nine criticism Windows have been circulated, 15 people have been criticized, and 4 people have been praised.Third, we will establish a “good and bad evaluation” system to improve service quality and efficiency.Relying on the government service network, window evaluators, and paper evaluation forms, we will establish a multi-channel evaluation system that integrates both online and offline services, so that the public can constantly monitor the handling process and directly evaluate the results. This will force service providers to constantly improve themselves, so that “it is the same for everyone who handles the service and the same for everyone who asks for it.”Up to now, 8,451 comments and 8,451 favorable comments have been received, with the satisfaction rate reaching 100%.A total of 31 work orders were praised by the masses and 62 flags were presented.Fourth, improve the complaint management system, expand social supervision channels.Relying on the 12345 public service hotline, the public service hotline and suggestion boxes have been set up to classify the opinions and suggestions received one by one.For the opinions and suggestions within the scope of responsibilities, the responsibility is consolidated, the implementation and reform, and the overall, forward-looking, guiding opinions and suggestions are fully absorbed and adopted for reference.At the same time, we will strengthen supervision of the process to ensure that every voice of the people is properly answered.Up to now, we have visited 4,100 market entities, with a 100% satisfaction rate.Disclaimer: This article is reproduced for the purpose of conveying more information.If the source is wrong or violated your legitimate rights and interests, please contact the author with proof of ownership, we will promptly correct, delete, thank you.Email address: newmedia@xxcb.cn

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