Professional is not the same, rubber factory air compressor shaft wear repair needs composite materials

A, air compressor bearing wear condition analysis of composite materials in November 2021 technical personnel to the shaft wear of rubber factory in view of the air compressor for online repair work, beating in the process of the equipment operation, noise is bigger, remove the inspection found that the bearing has been wear and tear, the device speed 560 r/m, bearing a diameter of 110 mm, 90 mm wide,Maximize unilateral wear is about 32 silk, enterprise using traditional repair methods such as for this problem after machining, thermal spraying and surfacing techniques of brush plating to repair, time is long and there are some disadvantages, both machining after welding and thermal spraying method, the thermal stress was an unavoidable phenomenon that cannot be eliminated, easy cause material damage,Components may bend or break.And brush plating is limited by the thickness of the coating, easy to peel off, and the above methods are metal repair metal, can not change the “hard to hard” relationship, under the comprehensive action of each force, will still cause wear again.The use of polymer composite material repair can not only be a good buffer and resist the mechanical operation process by the comprehensive mechanical force, but also can better ensure the bearing position and 100% surface matching between bearings, and can be repaired on site, greatly shorten the repair time,Considering the situation on site, the enterprise decided to use the composite technology to play the hemp point and the polymer composite technology to repair.Step 1. Surface treatment: bake the surface to be repaired with an oxygen acetylene flame and polish the surface of the bearing position with a polishing machine until the metal primary color is exposed to ensure that the surface to be repaired is clean, dry and strong.2. Knock the pitting point: knock the pitting point evenly on the bearing surface, and the height of the pitting point is slightly higher than the unilateral wear amount.3, empty test sleeve: empty test sleeve, grinding point height.4. Cleaning surface: use anhydrous ethanol to clean the surface of bearing position and bearing inner ring.5. Daub material: calculate the amount of material and daub the material fully and evenly. It is recommended to daub the material directly by hand first.6. Ensure the filling effect of the polymer material, and then apply it evenly with the scraper. The thickness is slightly higher than the height of the pitting point.7, hot loading bearing: oil boiling bearing and fast installation in place.Four, air compressor bearing wear repair case picture

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