Sensing the mysteries of the universe inspires space dreams

Students from Xinghu Primary School in Nanning participate in a live broadcast of “Tiangong Class” space teaching at guangxi Science and Technology Museum.”I couldn’t believe what I saw when the astronauts did the liquid bridge demonstration. It was magical that the water didn’t fall.I also want to do experiments in space.”On the afternoon of March 23, Liao Ruijia, a student from Class 3 (2) of Xinghu Primary School in Nanning, had a dream of space flight after watching the space class.On the afternoon of the same day, the second lecture of the “Tiangong Classroom” of China’s space station officially began.Guangxi Science and Technology Museum organized a number of science popularization venues in the region to participate in this space teaching ground class activity, and as one of the 7 physical venues, it once again appeared in the live broadcast of “Tiangong Classroom” national science and Technology museum system joint action activity.30 students from Nanning Xinghu Primary School were invited to participate in the classroom activities in the hall of Guangxi Science and Technology Museum.The space teaching is still by the Shenzhou 13 crew astronauts Zhai Zhigang, Wang Yaping, Ye Guangfu mutual cooperation for teaching.The teaching projects mainly include space “ice and snow” experiment, liquid bridge demonstration experiment, water-oil separation experiment and other special space courses.Through the connection between heaven and earth, the astronauts in orbit will lead the majority of teenagers to carry out relevant experiments on the ground at the same time, so that teenagers can perceive the mystery of the universe from the difference between heaven and earth and experience the fun of exploration.”When the astronauts did the experiment, I took notes carefully, and then used the experimental equipment provided by the Chinese science and technology museum to finish the three experiments. It was very interesting and very long knowledge.”Xinghu primary school three (5) class Huang Yibin told reporters.In order to make children have an immersive experience, guangxi Science and Technology Museum prepared popular science “package” for children before the second class, and let children watch the highlight Moments of China’s Spaceflight in 2021!Videos, watching space dramas.The science and technology instructor also made interactive explanations of the exhibits such as “Eye of heaven” and “Day and night and four Seasons” for students in the science and technology exhibition of “Chasing Dreams for nine Days and Looking up at the Starry Sky”.It is reported that The Guangxi Science and Technology Museum actively organized the area of popular science caravan operation units, mobile science and technology museum each tour exhibition site, through the comparison of heaven and earth experiments, concentrated watching and other forms of common participation in the space teaching ground classroom activities.According to statistics, as of 5 PM on the same day, a total of 17 mobile science and technology museum tour stations, 15 popular science caravans were dispatched to schools in the district to organize and participate in the activities.The head of guangxi Science and Technology Museum introduced that they will integrate various resources in the next step, so that more places, scientists and schools will participate in the space science popularization activities, so that the “Tiangong Classroom” series of extended activities will have a wider coverage and higher participation.(Li Xinxiong wang Boyong) Statement: this article copyright belongs to the original author, if there is a source error or infringement of your legitimate rights and interests, you can contact us through the mailbox, we will promptly deal with.Email address:

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