130,000 in a Volkswagen Scout, 900 miles, and the owner has a lot to say

130,000 in a Volkswagen Scout, 900 miles, and the owner has a lot to say.Everybody is good!I am the owner of T-ROC Tanguo, from Shandong province. My model is “2021 model 280TSI DSG two-drive Elite Intelligent version “. The purchase price is 130,000 yuan, the driving distance is 900 kilometers, and the comprehensive fuel consumption is 7.8L.First, the reason for choosing this car has always liked the workmanship of German SUV, and the threshold is relatively low.The car type is sufficient. Now the fuel consumption has been driven from 10.4 to 7.8, and it has been 7.8 to 8.0 for 4-5 days. It seems that we need to run at high speed to sharpen the car.Two, the appearance and the feeling of the interior of the car is the most individual appearance.Day lights are very individual, far from knowing that it is the same model.The interior is so-so. The interior is so-so if it looks good.Not as good as Sagittarius.Three, take the comfort of the front row, the back row space is not crowded.It’s spacious.The trunk doesn’t have 500L+, but the 400+ is enough.The comfort is so-so.I feel more comfortable without Sagitar and High 8.Four, driving and power feeling power strong.1.4T+7DCT, 250 nm overtaking force.Standard mode has a foot of oil leaking out.Economic model is more meat, now every day is the economic model to open again, or to save fuel for the purpose.Control oneself feel ok, when a person often 40-50 speed around the corner.Very stable.In terms of fuel consumption, it went from 11.4 on day one to 7.8 on day 20.The biggest advantage is that.The brand grade of Volkswagen is ok. Compared with Skoda’s Korock, Volkswagen’s powertrain is highly efficient, powerful and fuel-efficient.Open up the texture is good, laser welding, all-in-one door, chassis thick feeling is good.2. What are the shortcomings?The interior design is too common, and the configuration is low, the cost performance is general.Finally, what do you think of this car?

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