This newspaper commentary | firmly live industrial economy this “gap”

Firmly twist industrial economic theory of the “gap” – to promote the city’s industrial economic development of our high quality commentator on March 10, the high quality industrial economy development in the city’s conference, “tried to build wuhai into has the important influence of the modern industrial city”, release a bosom grasp industry, spare no efforts in the global industry strong signal,Sounded to speed up the city’s industrial economy and high-quality development of the “call”.We should have a deep understanding of the significance of promoting high-quality development of industrial economy, firmly establish the concept of “industry is the foundation of building a city, the basis of strengthening the city”, deeply focus on the industry as the main battlefield of transformation and development, the breakthrough point, and constantly enhance the awareness of promoting high-quality development of industrial economy in thought and action.In the past, Wuhai relied on industry to achieve great changes in development.Industry is the main body and growth engine of the national economy.Looking back on the development of Wuhai, “industrial gene” is deeply integrated into urban development.Built the city, at the beginning of the wuhai, relying on abundant coal resources to support construction of baotou steel, coal fired ten thousand people up the hill from the great battle, at the same time have built the first general machinery factory in Inner Mongolia, the second general machinery factory “three line” enterprises, support the national defense construction and local development, wuhai industrial city, the energy base position thus established,It has become one of the areas with rapid economic development in the whole region and has stepped on the road of modern industrial city development with great strides.At present, the total industrial output value of zhuhai ranks the fifth in the whole region, which has accumulated a profound industrial heritage, which is the biggest foundation and the biggest confidence for us to promote high-quality economic development.We have reason to believe that Wuhai is built and prospers by industry, and will be strong by industry in the future.Now Wuhai to achieve steady economic growth needs industry.The proportion of industry in the tertiary industrial structure of the city has reached two thirds, and it provides one third of the jobs and three quarters of the tax contributions for the city. It plays an irreplaceable role in the overall work.It is precisely because of the “hard chassis” of industrial economy that the city has maintained a reasonable growth rate and healthy development without major fluctuations in the face of severe and complex situations, downward pressure on the economy and the impact of the epidemic.For our city, industrial stability means economic stability, financial stability, employment stability and social stability.Grasping the industrial economic development of this “bull nose”, will stabilize the steady and orderly development of the city’s economy and society “ballast stone”.This year, we need to get off to a solid start and get off to a good start. We need to firmly grasp the industrial economy as the key and core of the economy, show the courage to work hard, have a strong drive, and have a strong sense of competition, and use strong development of the industrial economy to ensure steady economic and social progress and improve the quality of economic and social stability.In the future, Wuhai will still rely on industry to achieve urban transformation.The transformation of resource-based cities is driven by industrial transformation.For Wuhai, no matter from the perspective of resource endowment, industrial foundation, scale, development potential and other dimensions, industrial transformation will mainly rely on industrial transformation as a breakthrough and main direction for a long time in the future.Current, make strong industrial economy usher in unprecedented opportunity superposition period.To implement the “Made in China 2025” strategy and the “Carbon peak action by 2030”, China needs to advance the layout of a number of strategic emerging industries.The 11th Party Congress of the Autonomous Region clearly proposed to support the western Alliance city to accelerate the pace of industrial iteration and replacement, to achieve high-quality development while highlighting the characteristics of the industry and making up for the shortcomings of the ecological environment, and put forward the implementation of “new energy multiplication project”.All these will bring us rare opportunities to undertake industrial transfer and strengthen the industrial economy.We must strengthen industrial economic development, firmly grasp the historical opportunity, go all out to promote transformation and upgrading of industry, and to the green, intelligent, high-end, firm structure, transfer function, quality, extend the industrial chain, improve the value chain, a stable supply chain, resolutely put two new energy, new material industry base, do up to do it,Do everything possible to enlarge the comprehensive effect of industrial economy and win the initiative for the future development of the city.

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