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The wan Chai Pier actress’s ex-boyfriend has recently become so involved with an out-of-town man that she has moved in with him, and paparazzi almost caught him kissing her in an overly flirtatious way.Li Yifeng recently got into a fight with an actress. Both of them are trying to take responsibility for the low ratings of their new TV series, and he’s trying to blame the scriptwriter for the script’s not good enough.Ma sichun recently bought a three-story villa, and she plans to take her boyfriend’s parents over to take care of her after marriage, so that she can be dutiful to her in-laws.Wang Han likes to show off in front of people very much. In fact, what he knows is only superficial. People are embarrassed to expose him and can only watch him pretend to be pushy in silence.Qiu Ze outside confidante, before a confidante birthday, he also threw his wife is sick, go out to celebrate each other’s birthday.Li Liang Lei this time of fear, dare not go out at will, some time ago she almost suffered a car accident, she suspected that her ex-husband.Zhang Yimou has what good thing to think day falls violet tiny star seeks young woman, if not for two people age difference is too big, his wife should suspect the other side is the small three that husband raises outside.Wang dongcheng is now very sensitive to contact with calcium men. He can accurately tell whether a boy is calcium or not within a few minutes of spending time with him, which is said to have been cultivated by his teammates.Huang Lei now and an evergreen male host contact is not much, the two cooperation of the slow variety is likely to be postponed, because the evergreen male host now reputation is severely damaged, he does not want to catch up with each other’s bad luck.Guan Zhilin once went to a temple for son, there is a high man said she will not have children, the reason is too much sin, there will be offspring…Disclaimer: text and text from the eight diagrams mengbi fruit, the views of the article only represent the author’s views, does not represent the number of views, copyright belongs to the author all, if there is infringement, please contact deletion.

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