Fexi Court has won many honors of the municipal court

On the morning of February 15, hefei Intermediate People’s Court held a meeting of the president of the court and the construction of party conduct and clean government and anti-corruption work, and awarded prizes for the advanced collective and advanced individual representatives of the court in 2021.In this meeting, feoxi court won a number of collective and individual praise., including FeiXi court awarded the title of “advanced in hefei court”, political department awarded the title of “advanced collective”, lu li, Hu Xianrui, Sun Yunlong, Alicia zhao, Hu Huijuan five policemen won the title of “advanced individual”, yi-jun ge, introduced won the title of “outstanding people’s assessors”, hui-qun wang, Wu Xincai won the title of “outstanding invited mediator”,Feixi County Property Management People’s Mediation Committee won the title of “advanced invited mediation organization”.Adhere to in the past year, FeiXi court xi new era thoughts as the instruction, socialism with Chinese characteristics to xi jinping, the rule of law thoughts lead the judicial practice, adhere to the service general situation, the justice, fair justice, the people focus on the main business, the case-solving ability steadily improving law enforcement, trial execution effect continuous optimization, the new results were obtained in all the work,Made a positive contribution to the high quality development of Feixi County.The new journey trumpeting, forge ahead road sails are strong.Feoxi court will be praised for the continuation of the struggle of the new starting point, to be praised as an example of advanced, with more firm belief, more high attitude, more full of spirit to do all the work, with practical action to meet the party’s 20 victory held.

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