Home court advantage?Chinese team into the final no problem, Wang Meng has learned from the past, Japanese and Korean netizens are not calm

Earlier in the men’s 5,000m semifinals, China competed with Japan, Canada and Italy for a place in the final.The Chinese team had an accident on the way and fell straight off the track.Although the boys did not give up and tried to catch up, they only got the fourth place, which is the last one.According to this ranking, there is no way for The Chinese team to enter the final.But just as Chinese netizens were lamenting the Chinese team’s failure to make it to the finals, things took a turn for the better.After the referee carefully look at the replay, its decision will be directly judged China into the final.Such a result, make Chinese netizens excited, also let a lot of Japanese and South Korean netizens fried pot.Some Japanese and Korean netizens said that China must have the home advantage, otherwise how could they have directly qualified for the final when they were ranked last?One way or another, it is understandable that these people are skeptical, after all, China is their biggest rival.There is also in the eyes of outsiders, the referee is indeed suspected of favoritism.So, does China team rely on home advantage?The answer is clearly no!Li Wenlong fell out of the moment, Wang Meng expressed his attitude, she said the Chinese team do not worry, continue to slide, such a situation can be directly judged to the final.Wang meng said the Chinese team was awarded the final for two reasons. First, Li wenlong was on his own track and did not move sideways or try to catch up with the others.Second, when Li Wenlong fell down, The Chinese team was in the second place and had a chance to come to the first place. The Strength of the Chinese team was very strong among the four teams.Not only that, Wang Meng also spoke of his previous experience.She was in the same situation with China when the Dutch were awarded the final without finishing the match.At that time, Wang Meng did not quite understand.She then discussed the situation with INTERNATIONAL Skating federation officials for more than two hours before getting the matter straight.It turns out that such a situation is in accordance with the rules.Because of this, Wang Meng was confident to tell everyone, ask the referee to review the rules, The Chinese team will enter the final.That’s the rule. Everybody has to play by the rules.To those Japanese and Korean netizens who have doubts, keep it to yourself!The Chinese team entered the final fair and square!In the final, China team continue to come on!

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