Play games?I’ll accompany you!Empty your wallet!

During the Spring Festival, online games are extremely popular.Front, we have to introduce the “network game product false transactional fraud”, today we introduce the other types of fraud related to network games: “play online games with class scam” play online games with class fraud “play online games with such fraud”, is a fraud molecules using play with nominal, using deceptive trade fraud in the network game platform.Fraudsters through playing online games, elaborate design fraud, so as to achieve the purpose of defrauding victims of money.Li Si is a game master, is also a VIP member of the game, one day a strange woman suddenly sent a message, said that there is a new game, invite li Si such a game master to play together, and the woman said that li Si lianmai can accompany him to play together.See someone take the initiative to invite themselves to play games, Li Si decisively agreed to come down.Then, the other party sent A QR code to Li Si, li si downloaded the game through the QR code.At first, they played smoothly, but soon, the other party asked Li Si to recharge, and promised that he would recharge, which is called “growing up together”, recharge can increase intimacy to receive better equipment, and promised to accompany him to video chat after recharge.Listening to the other party’s “sweet” voice, Li Si could no longer refuse.In this way, under the lure of the other side, Li Si points several times to recharge nearly 10,000 yuan, but the other side also has no video, but has been asking Li Si recharge.Li Si found he was cheated and called the police immediately.Cheater brother, after recharging, we can increase intimacy, get better equipment, I promise to video chat with you.Li Si good ah good ah, I top up good!Li si!Are you ready for video chat?!?????Click the exclamation mark to resend you have been cheated, please quickly dial 110 alarm!Don’t download games from informal sources and don’t accept invitations from strangers to play other unknown games.02 online game trading, recharge, must choose a regular platform.Prudent transaction, rational consumption;Don’t give your personally identifiable information to others.Do not be easily confused by the other party’s photos and voice, once it comes to funds, transfer please do not believe!If inadvertently cheated, please immediately call 110 to report to the police, if there are fraud related clues please download the “national anti-fraud” APP to report, if received 96110 call to dissuade to answer in time, guard their “money bag”!

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