A cup of tea, floating when

Nothing is indifferent, nothing is clear, nothing is quiet, nothing is far.Tea such as poetry, some graceful, some bold;Tea is like calligraphy. Some are rich, such as “yan Jin”, some are thin, such as “willow bone”, some are regular, such as li Kai, and some are bold and unrestrained, such as “dian Zhang crazy elements”.Tea is like a song, some lyrical wen wan, some aggressive heroic, some qingyuan melodious, some stirring.Tea is similar to many forms of art in appearance but in spirit. We can completely regard tea as a kind of art, a kind of spiritual art, and tea people who have insight are undoubtedly artists.Don’t you see, the high tea drinkers are always dignified, or elegant, or elegant, never vulgar or vulgar.See gentleman in tea, gentleman love tea, cultivate morality and raise virtue.”Not indifferent without understanding, not quiet beyond reach”.In the tea, raise a clear air, the vast wind.See the beautiful woman in tea.Never beauty like beautiful tea, quiet quiet Mo.A woman who loves tea must love life more and understand life better. She is calm and graceful.Wine can enthusiasm for a while, tea can warm life.Life is meant to float, to experience trials and tribulations, to be calm in the ups and downs.A cup of tea, floating when.Taste tea, taste the five tastes of life, taste the sweetness of life.A pillar of incense, a cup of tea, is the fate of life.Tea, pure tea, heart, normal heart.To the normal heart of pure tea, clean tea to raise the normal heart.Happy people often follow, tea meaning life, is a kind of atmosphere, a broad, an immensity.The image is from the west of the moon

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