Because the traitors informant, brother was beheaded, such as Liu Jieying body back, home has no living

In 1943, because the traitors informant, Liu Jieying anti-japanese brother was beheaded by the Devil.Wait for her and sister-in-law collect corpse to go back, discover father and niece to also die tragically however home.In the face of such blood feud, Liu Jieying swore: from now on with the Japanese devil sworn to revenge for their relatives!Liu Jieying swears is not a whim, but really has this ability.She had been practicing martial arts with her brother since she was a child, and three or five boys of her age were not a match for her.Because before help brother shipped anti-japanese supplies, Liu Jieying soon found stationed in the village of the anti-Japanese organization, into the party, always ready to kill the devil for their relatives revenge.Soon after, the Japanese army came to the village again.Liu Jieying thought of the big pot in the butcher’s house in the village. Every day at this time, a pot of boiling water would be cooked. She immediately had a good idea in her mind.Liu Jieying deliberately shouted to the Devil: “I am the sister of the anti-japanese hero Liu Fuxing!”Then he ran.Her shout successfully attracted the attention of the devil, several devils toward her in the past.When the devil chased to the butcher’s yard, a glance to see is hiding in the corner of the yard “shivering” Liu Jieying.A few devil porn smile toward Liu Jieying rushed in the past, Liu Jieying was scared “ah” ran, but deliberately to the devil next to the caulk.Color to wisdom faint, at this time the devil eyes only flower girl, where will notice flower girl behind the cauldron and boiling water.While the devils were not prepared, Liu Jieying will be the closest to the devil into the pot.Fell into the pot devil instant sent out to kill a pig as screaming.All of a sudden and the companion of the ghastly appearance, scared the rest of the devil, no idea to play Liu Jieying idea.This time, Liu Jieying with wit and courage to kill a devil, but also therefore remembered by the devil.A few months later, Liu jieying’s new husband, Chen Sheng, a soldier in the Eighth Route Army, died.In order to inherit her husband’s legacy, she is ready to deal with her husband’s affairs, to find the eighth Route Army.That night, Liu Jieying was giving her husband’s wake, the door was suddenly kicked open by the devil.Led by the devil with not fluent Chinese, pointing to Liu Jieying and accompany her wake several sisters asked: “Who are you?”Devil side traitors quickly pointed to Liu Jieying, said: “that is wearing white.”Two devils immediately forward, roughly escorted her out.Liu Jieying was pulled to a vacant lot, in front of the villagers, the devil bayonet pointed at her, shouted: “You are eight road family?”Liu Jieying looked at the Devil contemptuously, and then don’t go, not to say anything.Seeing that she did not answer, the devil stretched his bayonet forward and said: “If you can tell the whereabouts of the eight road, I can let you off!””Pooh, in your dreams!Liu Jieying suddenly spit at the devil, completely angered the devil, towards Liu Jieying’s abdomen mercilessly stabbed two knives, and the dying she threw into the pit, intend to torture her with buried alive.Watching the devils shovel dirt into the pit, the villagers finally broke out, have picked up whatever tools they can find at hand, hoes, shovels and the like rushed up.The small devil afraid to shoot nearby hidden eighth Route Army troops, but also hit the villagers angered, soon, tail fled.The villagers saw the devil ran away, immediately dug out Liu Jieying.But at this time Liu Jieying’s face as pale as death, lifeless, the villagers thought she was dead, had to tears, put her back home, looking for someone to keep, ready to buy a coffin to bury her again the next day.But in the middle of the night, the villagers in charge of guarding her noticed her finger move.The villagers quickly called others, we were delighted to find that Liu Jieying was still alive, quickly invited the doctor for her treatment.Originally, the little devil was frightened by the villagers, and did not bury Liu Jieying deep, did not have time to compacted the soil, there are gaps in the soil, and buried for a short time, so Liu Jieying is still alive.Because the body is good, under the treatment of the doctor, Liu Jieying gradually recovered.A few months later, the recovery of Liu Jieying found the eighth Route Army troops nearby, told the story of their own experience, and showed that they want to play devil determination, smoothly became a real eighth Route Army women soldiers.In 1945, Liu jieying won the title of “Anti-japanese Hero”.”Hugh said women are not British things, every night on the wall of Longquan singing”, in the War of Resistance against Japanese Aggression, like Liu Jieying so fearless heroines are numerous, worthy of people’s admiration!

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