CBA transfer news!Marbury also signed 3 people, super foreign aid hand in hand general, north control of the last fight

Last season CBA players transfer window, BeiKong men’s basketball team of relief introduced Zou Yuchen, Ma Yong, international real estate and other people, because the team suffered injuries this season, they are still in the market looking for the right candidate, according to sources, Duan Jiang peng, Li Qingxiang has arrived in the team trial, and gain the recognition of marbury,In addition, super foreign aid Deng Meng also came to China, although Liao Sanning and Zhang Fan may be reimbursing the season, but with the joining of several new players, the North Control men’s basketball team in order to impact the playoffs or the last fight!Because the schedule of the third stage of The North Control men’s basketball team is not very favorable, the opponents include some strong teams, so in order to avoid the bad situation like the last stage of last season, the North Control men’s basketball team still hopes to supplement the lineup and master the initiative in their own hands.Because liao Sanning and zhang Fan were injured, Lanzberg did not adapt to the north control men’s basketball tactics.After the evaluation, the North Control men’s basketball team invited Duan Jiangpeng and Li Qingxiang to try out. After a few days of training, Marbury was very satisfied with both of them.In addition to local players, Dunmeng is the biggest expectation of The North Control men’s basketball team. Although the performance of the Shanghai men’s basketball team was not ideal last season, his ability is not bad, and he also appreciates Marbury very much.In addition, Deng Meng’s arrival can also create more space for the inside line, zou Yuchen, Yu Changdong, Wang Shaojie and other people will get more opportunities.However, the current injury situation is also some serious, in addition to Liao Sanning and Zhang Fan, Yu Changdong and Wang Shaojie are also absent from training because of injuries, fortunately not very serious, the last stage of the last season was against the memory, so Marbury also hopes to lock the playoff qualification as soon as possible!

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