County Natural Resources Bureau held the opening ceremony of 2022 Spring Festival

On February 7, the county Natural Resources Bureau held a mobilization meeting for the start of the 2022 Spring Festival, and all staff attended the meeting.At the meeting, Xiong Wei, the chief director of the County Natural Resources Bureau, asked all units under the bureau to make a timely work plan for 2022 in accordance with various tasks;To strictly control the expenditure of funds, strengthen the construction of saving organs, strictly implement water saving, electricity saving, solar term, etc.;To further accelerate the land development, increase or decrease hook the implementation of the project, actively cope with the rain and snow freeze disaster weather, enhancing the disaster prevention and control work, the control of administrative examination and approval and government affairs service inspector rectification problem, take feasible measures, simplified burocratic procedures, improve the efficiency of examination and approval service, to ensure that 2022 taojiang county natural resources management seeks the good article, good innings.(Second Instance: Yi Rubing, Supervisor: Lu Yan)

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