NetEase’s first public beta game of the year, real-time strategy mobile game “Roar of War” launched on May 26

According to the official news of NetEase Games, NetEase’s first public beta game of the year, Real-time strategy mobile game “Roar of War” will be officially launched on May 26, supporting iOS and Android platforms.IT Home learned that Roar of War is a real-time strategy mobile fantasy game developed by Lemon Games and published by NetEase Games.The game innovates the gameplay without troops, players can choose arms according to their own strategy, to build their own war army.Through different operations such as resource collection, upgrade, tower building and soldier building, players can experience richer game strategies, such as tower building siege, mine stealing harassment, a wave of rolling, wild area sneak attack, small strange kites…According to the official, this game uses the classic race camp selection with new experience of cool gameplay, arms of the variety of tactical collision strategy battle operation, support 1V1 head-on confrontation, and 2V2 team matching.

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