Primary school composition “my head teacher”, thinking logic is clear, the head teacher looked after the gas straight stamp feet

Guide language always says “children talk without fear”, primary school thinking unconstrained, always make unexpected things, these are very normal.For example, in the last two years of primary school fire out of the composition, people can not help laughing, when the teacher saw, is angry both want to laugh and want to hit people.01 primary school composition “my head teacher”, thinking logic is clear, the head teacher looked after the gas straight stamp feet as a Chinese head teacher, every week the head teacher will give the students to arrange to write a composition this topic, this time the topic is to describe the characters.Have a primary school student to describe is his teacher in charge, originally thought primary school students will pat the teacher’s ass, the teacher described.But did not expect this pupil to begin is, “the teacher in charge is the most worried person in the world, the person is very young, bald”!The teacher’s hair was on his clothes, on the teacher’s desk, but not on his head, just like a dandelion.When the teacher saw this article, was angry stomp feet, were laughing, the net friends are also ridicule, the pupil is too straight, but thinking logic is very clear, vivid description of the head teacher baldness into what kind.When the teacher saw the essay, he thought it was good, but he was so angry that he gave it 59 points and judged it as failing.02 primary school students composition is always unexpected, can let a mother’s love landslides, can put the teacher gas to stomp feet in fact in the primary school textbooks, a lot of content is more basic, because the pupils have just stepped into the learning stage, if all of a sudden let them accept advanced knowledge, is unable to succeed.Therefore, the knowledge of primary school textbooks is relatively simple and there are not so many restrictions. It is for this reason that primary school students will have divergent thinking. When they go to junior middle school, they will be restricted by too many things.For example, “my mother” this thesis type composition, bring me not too many surprises, the teacher this day to the primary school students left is a thesis composition, with “my mother” as the topic, write a composition about the mother.One primary school student wrote that her mother loved playing mahjong but gave it up after she was born because she seemed to find it more fun to play mahjong.When my mother saw this composition, a mother’s love was like a landslide. The teacher couldn’t help laughing and gave the composition a score of 100.Although the vocabulary of primary school students is not too much, but can write this kind of composition is already very good, I believe that the future of this primary school students can be.Primary school students composition these two years on the Internet is quite hot, there are a lot of interesting composition are from the hands of primary school students, their imagination is very rich, will write something out of the ordinary, often make people laugh.Although this is very helpful to improve the imagination, but parents must also be timely corrected, do not let the thinking is too biased, in order to write a good composition, after all, Chinese composition in the exam accounted for a large proportion.03 pupils had just come into contact with the composition, the first point to note the following three: composition needs the positive energy by above want to write a good composition, so be sure to write the content of the positive, especially for primary school students, new to write a composition, must set up the right through, active thinking and rich imagination, as long as the content is positive.The second point: learn to express ideas want to write the composition at a draught is certainly very difficult, composition material is the need to accumulate over a long period to come out, parents can let the students to write a diary every day, writing thoughts every day, and the composition material accumulated for a long time, can write the composition in real time know how to write.The third point: read more books read books can help to improve writing ability, many students with excellent grades are like that, they can write a good composition, because usually like to read books, in the process of reading, can get different comprehension, more experience, is certainly not good.Nianji would like to say: now has entered the “big language” era, language in the college entrance examination accounted for a large proportion, and composition is the language accounted for the largest one, the status of natural language composition is constantly improving, if you can get full marks in the composition, then it can shake off a large number of people.So in writing this aspect, parents usually have nothing to urge the following, spend more time to accompany their children, can take them to go out to play, go out to see the outside world.Primary school students’ thinking ability is very strong, there will always be more strange ideas in the brain, although it seems very strange, but in fact are very precious, parents can not suppress their strange thinking, what they need to do is to lead them to the right way.Today’s topic: How many marks would you give to a primary school student’s composition “My head teacher”?

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