Real estate industry crash worry, worry crash has not thought about price factors to block customers

There are always some people who make trouble in a misleading way, saying that people want the real estate industry to collapse, which is to stir up social conflicts to profit from it. I believe that people are kind-hearted, while capital is ugly.I don’t understand why capital is so mean to blame people for wanting a real estate crash when profits are at stake. People just want prices to be rational, they don’t want to kill off the real estate industry so that it can’t survive.How crazy the behavior of real estate in the past, why the real estate industry does not reflect on themselves, the real estate enterprises use high prices to plunder the wealth of their own do not know it, the high prices let many people become mortgage slaves.The average price of commercial housing in China reached 10,139 per square meter, as shown below…The national average price of commercial housing and the national per capita disposable annual income of 35,128, converted to only 2,927 yuan per month, that is to say, a person’s annual income is only enough to buy 3.2 square meters of house, if excluding family expenses and personal expenses, a person can work for many years to buy a house, we have no idea.These figures are verified and are official and authoritative.National per capita disposable income through the income and housing prices, it is obvious that the commodity housing prices crush people’s income too much.So people are expecting house prices to fall, not a crash.It may be said that commercial housing can not be affordable for everyone, even if this proposal is true, but a large area of commercial housing under construction in the country is clearly not for a few people to sell.And built commodity housing is not placed there to see.If the commercial housing only for a small number of people, why the sale of housing advertising embedded in thousands of households.Why market to a large number of ordinary people.Now that high housing prices have taken shape, the real estate industry should not accuse people of wanting the real estate industry to collapse.People know the law of the jungle, but housing enterprises can not always adhere to the strong as respect of thinking.When the balance of interests between selling and buying is out of balance, it is hard to understand why the one who gets the better keeps complaining.At least there are forces of justice in this society to maintain fairness.The unsalable commodity housing is the decrease of consumption desire of commodity housing caused by the high housing price. The fundamental responsibility lies in the housing price.Housing enterprises should reflect on their own factors, rather than with robber logic to blame people.People don’t want the real estate industry to die. The desire to buy houses is still there, but where will the money come from?Many people have lost their savings after buying a house. Too many families have emptied their wallets after buying a house. Many people struggle day and night to make the mortgage payments.But house prices have stood proudly.The article concludes with two sentences: ‘People are not hoping for the collapse of the real estate industry with schadenfreude, but because it is too greedy.’Please click on the top of the article to pay attention to the author’s headline number

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