Surprised!Hard goods coming!The Tiger 8 PLUS KUNpeng E + has a full range of 1,000 kilometers

On March 29, 2022, The “Technology Zero Distance – Kunpeng DHT Super Hybrid and Ruitiger 8 PLUS KUNpeng E + Product Communication And Exchange Meeting” of Chery Automobile was held in Ningbo Qixin Green World Golf Club. The technical advantages of Kunpeng DHT Super Hybrid and Ruitiger 8 PLUS E + were revealed on the spot, and the core strength of Technology Chery was demonstrated.Reconstruct imagination with the beauty of science and technology wisdom;In the name of super hybrid, Since The launch of “Ruihu 8PLUS” KUNpeng E + on the market in January 2022, Tianyi has aroused the attention of the whole network. Up to now, consumer orders have exceeded 6000+, and they are sold well in the first and second tier cities such as Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen and Hangzhou.It is reported that the car is very competitive, they are Metropolitan E + (155,800 yuan), Wind E + (168,800 yuan), Shuxiang E + (171,800 yuan).In addition, Ruihu 8 PLUS KUNpeng E + also has 8 major gifts, such as financial subsidy of 7,000 yuan for the highest level, replacement of 10,000 yuan of the product, and lifetime warranty of the three-power system.Li Yingxi, General Manager of Zhejiang Region of Chery Marketing Company, said, “Chery has always been adhering to independent innovation and mastering core technologies as the foundation of enterprise establishment and the core driving force of enterprise development. Kunpeng DHT super hybrid technology represents Chery’s persistence and dedication to technology.”Kunpeng DHT Super Hybrid Technology · Zero-distance campaign has been launched in Shanghai, Hangzhou, Hefei and Guangzhou. More than 350 core media have tested the product strength. Today, we come to Ningbo, a new first-tier city, hoping that Chery’s super hybrid DHT and Ruihu 8 PLUS E + can bring consumers better hybrid choices.”Kunpeng DHT “Niu”, a national new energy technology project, Chery has made many breakthrough achievements in key core technologies over the past 20 years.In the 2021 Shanghai Auto Show, Kunpeng DHT Super hybrid made an amazing appearance and won the attention of the industry.So where is the cow?In this exchange meeting, Mr. Zhou Mengle, the gold medal lecturer of Chery Automobile, declassified one by one for us.At the same time, I also explained the unique advantages of kunpeng DHT super hybrid technology applied to Ruihu 8 PLUS E +.According to the introduction, as a national new energy technology project, the world’s first fully-functional hybrid configuration Kun Peng DHT platform fully integrated oil/electric/hydrogen hybrid power system, matching all current energy forms, can meet the needs of users in all scenarios.Its first application model, Tiger 8 PLUS KUNpeng E +, therefore has four core advantages: 3 engines, 3 gears, 9 modes, 11 speeds, acceleration, 100 pure electric, and first-class fuel saving.Kunpeng DHT super hybrid transmission Ruihu 8 PLUS KUNpeng E + is equipped with Kunpeng DHT super hybrid. It adopts the combination of 1.5T super efficiency engine and three engines of dual motors, which is the only one in the industry to achieve simultaneous drive and power generation of dual motors and achieve the highest 510N·m maximum input torque of Chinese brands.The maximum output torque also reaches 4000N·m, with stronger explosive force, more obvious speed increase effect and more stable power output.At the same time, it has the only 3 physical gears of The Chinese brand. The engine can also accelerate when the lowest intervention point is 20km/h according to the actual road conditions, which can bring users a “fast start, full power” car experience.In addition, Kunpeng DHT Super hybrid is the first in the industry with 9 modes and 11 speeds. Kunpeng E +, the model carried by Ruihu 8 PLUS, has realized 9 efficient working modes, including single/dual motor drive, extended range, parallel connection, direct engine drive, single/dual motor brake energy recovery and driving/parking charging.Through 3 gear ratio, adjust the engine running point, with the cooperation of the dual motor, to achieve 11 combination gear, covering starting, medium and low speed, overhead, overtaking, red light, congestion, high speed, long distance, mountain road, high speed steering, snow, mud, sand and other scenes, and can be identified in advance, intelligent optimization.In terms of data, Ruihu 8 PLUS KUNpeng E + equipped with KUNpeng DHT super hybrid system, four-wheel drive version with zero-hundred acceleration and spacious space, and Kunpeng E + contributed super value. In addition to the powerful KUNpeng DHT hybrid system, Ruihu 8 PLUS kunpeng E + is also ranked first in terms of intelligence and health performance at the same level.It can book charging and travel through the car and mobile APP. In cold winter, the air conditioner can be started in advance. The double engine heating takes 10 minutes to heat up quickly, and the temperature is just right when getting on the bus.Intelligent power supply can prevent deep battery loss, prolong battery life, long time parking is still free to start;In addition to matching high-efficiency battery and motor, Kunpeng E + is also equipped with the latest IPB intelligent electrical control system of Bosch for the first time. Safe braking, comfortable braking and energy recovery are optimized, with comprehensive fuel consumption of 1.0L and fuel consumption of 5.0L per 100 km, saving more and traveling without trouble.As a vehicle-vehicle system independently developed by Chery, Xiaoqi Smart Car Manager 3.0 has achieved the upgrading and growth of five dimensions, featuring deep learning, cloud life and entertainment interconnection and natural voice interaction. The whole system is equipped with Beidou +GPS dual-mode navigation, with stronger signals and higher accuracy.What’s more, it comes with a hybrid APP that monitors energy dynamics in real time.In addition, “Chery net cubic green cabin” is more for the health of each user.Whole vehicle adopts European standard environmental protection technology and materials, at the same time adopt RICSCS remote active cockpit self-cleaning system, can effectively filter the acuity 0.3 microns particles/bacteria, can be in about 15 meters from the vehicle automatically open when the air conditioning, the maximum air volume in the car air exchange, optimize the vehicle because of the high temperature exposure, parked for a long period of time will produce peculiar smell, ensure the in-car air quality,Super sweet.In general, with the world’s first core technology to achieve unique super hybrid integration, Ruihu 8 PLUS E + can be called “champion of full power, champion of full energy efficiency, champion of full function and champion of full scene”.With the continuous breakthrough of new products and technologies, Chery Group also ushered in a “good start” at the beginning of the Year of the Tiger: From January to February, chery Group achieved a cumulative sales volume of 147,459 vehicles, up 17.3% year on year.Of these, 44,396 were sold in February, up 31.4% year on year.Driven by the strategy of “large single product”, flagship SUV continues to sell well with technological innovation and product iteration. The global sales volume of the star model Ruihu 8 series from January to February was 27,250 units, up 12.1% year on year.Looking back on the development history of Ruihu 8 series, its products continue to maintain a hot and prosperous trend with technological innovation and product iteration, and become a “global car” selling well at home and abroad.It is believed that the launch of Tiger 8 PLUS E + will add “kunpeng power” to Tiger 8 series and help Chery Auto to open a new champion era in 2022 car market.

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