World champion, teenage genius, whose life you can’t replicate, but whose powers you can learn

The most popular micro blogger today belongs to Gu Ailing.Ai Ling won the gold medal in the women’s freestyle platform final with 188.25 points.Won the first women’s moguls gold medal for China.She made history, in the end what powerful super ability, we need to learn?Gu has a wide range of hobbies since childhood, including ballet, piano, musical and skiing.She does things by immersing herself in them.Learning is 100% learning and sport is 100% exercise.Her mother respects her choice. If she wants to do something, she will teach her how to break it down step by step to get the result she wants.Including this cheering third jump, Aileen’s mother told her, “You do 1440, go for silver.”When Erin said she wanted to do 1620, her mother said, “OK, this is your competition, enjoy it.”You know, once you go down the slope to the peak, it’s like jumping to a 17-story, 50-meter high peak, and then doing a series of very difficult moves that really push the limits of humanity.She is always bold in her choices, because her mother is totally behind her!All she has to do is try to reach her higher and higher goals and try to be satisfied with herself.In her past life, She gave herself a strong sense of control by constantly breaking through herself.Trust your feelings, enjoy the game and create the brilliance you want.And so she made history.In the podcast Nobody Knows, how do you make something good?Let all things pass through you. You are just a medium. Let yourself be relaxed enough and good things will be created.Ailing is a good example.At the moment of her jump, she was like a bird, everything passed through her, but she believed her own feeling, to guide her body, took off, rotated, enjoyed enough, and then landed safely, and the shocking history appeared!Find your passion and you will create something good.How to find your passion is mentioned in First Things First.Think of something you would do without being paid.You have your answer.You might as well immerse yourself in it, and with the irrigation of time, it will give you unexpected good results.(don’t think I can write how to persist to write, if feel motivated to – and that is something I love) 02 beyond normal effort love ling said in an interview, “a lot of people hear me, feel is good news to me, it’s not, just bad, bad for process produced no.”I read a lot of articles praising Ailing, saying how excellent her parents are. But in fact, ailing’s achievement today is inseparable from her persistence every day.Is a fever, but also to adhere to the game;Was concussion fall, also start again;Is trying to balance their study, skiing and other sports……Is from the heart of love, is non-stop persistence, is 13 years old hope that one day they can win glory for the country.And today’s good result, naturally born.I think of li Ka-shing’s words: “If you want to live an ordinary life, you will meet ordinary setbacks.If you want to live the best life, you’re bound to encounter the worst.The world is very fair, want the best, will give you the most pain.If you can get through it, you’re a winner. If you can’t get through it, just be normal.”When Ailing embraced skiing with absolute love, she gained unprecedented attention and compound interest.Gu’s contract fee in 2021 is about 20 million yuan, more than Lin Dan, Sun Yang and others in their peak, looking at the entire Chinese sports history may be second only to Yao Ming.Even among the entertainment stars, it is also the top flow in China.Don’t give up on persistence, don’t give up on high standards, don’t give up on becoming a better version of yourself, in the long river of time, always abide by these three don’t people, you will live your favorite way!Elaine gave up her American citizenship and joined China.”If a girl in China falls in love with skiing and even changes her lifestyle because of me, I feel I have reached my goal,” she confesses.To promote their favorite sports to more girls, so that more girls happy.That’s a very powerful meaning.I think of Bilibilii my favorite watch UP Lord – Liu Dabao not very funny.In fact, because of leg injury, in order to prevent muscle necrosis, she started aerobics training from junior high school, unexpectedly developed into their own love.Watch her exercise videos and all your bad moods will be cured.She went to create videos in order to make fitness exercise bring happiness to more people. Many people started a happy exercise because of her.Words have a strong influence on him, so when he was still a writer, he would be happy to write words and let them affect more people.You will find that there are many people who are loved by people, and there is a very strong meaning behind some of the things they do to support them through all the weather.Until they can see what they already see.No kid is a dumb kid, and no kid doesn’t have talent.If you have something you love, give it a stronger meaning, take it day in and day out, enjoy it 100%, and let time create an amazing answer for you.Finally, Gu has two stronger events: “Women’s freestyle ski slopestyle” : the preliminary on The morning of February 13, and the final on the morning of February 14.”Women’s freestyle Skiing halfpipe Skills” : Feb 17th morning preliminary, Feb 18th morning final.

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