From 1-0 to 8-9!Manchester United were still knocked out by Middlesbrough with 30 goals, but that was no bad thing for Rangnick

In the fourth round of the 2021-22 FA Cup, Manchester United took to the pitch again after half a month’s rest against mid-table Middlesbrough.This game, Longnick sent out the full force of the game, the return of Luke – shaw, pogba were on the field.Veteran Cristiano Ronaldo, who is about to turn 37, plays at centre forward, flanked by Sancho and Rashford, with Fee supporting behind him.With the price difference between the two teams and the sheer strength of their players, there was little doubt before the game that United could kick off February with a big win.But the football is round, the price can only be used as a reference, to the game, the factors that determine the outcome are many.Middlesbrough coach Wilder straighten out the mentality, eduction of 3 central defenders, the main defensive counterattack.United had the ball, with 71% of possession, and spent most of the game in half-court drills, but wasted chances in front of a united middlesbrough defence.Throughout the game, United created an astonishing 30 shots, averaging one in every few minutes.But apart from Sancho’s goal in the 25th minute, only eight of United’s other 29 shots tested goalkeeper Ramley as the game went to penalties.To be honest, the weak team can withstand the strong team’s attack and take the game to penalty shoot-out, so it will definitely have a psychological advantage.The confidence and determination of the middlesbrough players was evident in the penalty shoot-out as they prepared well for this part of the game.From McNair, the first player to Pelletier, the last to take the penalty, every player’s shot was clean.Instead, after Cristiano Ronaldo had missed a penalty, united fans were in a state of panic and managed to hold on until the eighth round when Elanga hit the ball too hard to send Middlesbrough into the fifth round 9-8 on aggregate.After the game, all sides of the criticism is overwhelming, there are many voices to criticize the game VAR did not make a fair decision.However, against the mid-table side of the Championship, united were clearly superior and were dragged down to a penalty shoot-out.Cristiano Ronaldo missed a penalty kick, fee and Rashford squandered their chances, and then argued about a goal after VAR verification, which is a failure in itself.It was a pity to be knocked out, though, because United had missed out on another chance to win the title, one that was relatively more secure.But, from another perspective, that might not be such a bad thing for Rangnick.First, Manchester United lost a lot of blood.With Martial, van der Beek and Amad diallo all out on loan and Greenwood sidelined indefinitely in the wake of the off-field incident, united are left with only Cristiano Ronaldo, Edinson Cavani, Marcus rashford, Sancho and Iranga available attackers up front.There are five players in three positions, with cavani, 34, and Cristiano Ronaldo, 37, at centre-forward.On the right is sancho, who has yet to fully prove himself, on the left is elanga, an inconsistent 19-year-old, and Rashford, who is on and off.To be honest, even if such a team in this round of the FA Cup over middlesbrough, there are Manchester City, Liverpool, Chelsea and other strong teams in the future, United will also encounter such opponents.For another, it was clear from the course of the game that United’s midfield is a league of two without Pogba.Pogba’s ability to hold the ball and make dangerous passes on the pitch, despite his long absence, kept United’s midfield in order.After being substituted in the 81st minute, united’s midfield was thrown into disarray.What are United’s main objectives for the season?There is no doubt about it.Since it is four, United will have to keep this first team fit enough to play at their best.Pogba’s presence determines united’s ceiling and he must be used.The fa Cup exit and reduced schedule must be good for pogba, who is recovering from a long illness, and rangnick, who is shorthanded up front.

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