Must be against the United States!New Delhi is reluctant to antagonize Russia and insists on importing Russian oil

After the war between the United States and Russia, many Western countries rushed behind the United States and imposed various sanctions on Russia. However, many countries ignored the threat of the United States and stuck to their positions.Now, India, which has always been “pro-American”, is insisting on importing Russian oil, not just to keep the relationship going, but also to frustration with the White House.Under the pressure of the United States, the world was divided into two camps: “pro-American” and “pro-Russian”. Although some countries still remained neutral, many countries began to waver under the threat and inducement of the United States.In the eyes of Washington politicians, not opposing Russia is opposing the United States, which amounts to supporting Russia in a disguised way.Originally, India is one of the main members of America’s four leading party alliance, over the years, India’s military procurement and international affairs, and the United States remain the same position, is the new “Allies”, after the outbreak of the conflict between Russia and Ukraine, thought that India will be as follow suit “anti-russian” as Japan, Australia, new Delhi has refused to do so, butThe move has sparked heated international debate.New Delhi and Moscow’s long-standing friendship and cooperation only partly explains India’s refusal to side with the US, global Times reported. Although India is less dependent on Russia for energy supplies, that does not mean it can afford to fall out with Moscow.Apart from energy, India is also dependent on Russia for arms, with the Indian army reportedly importing 70% of its weapons from Russia.Although India is imported from the west in recent years, a lot of military weapons, but not completely get rid of the dependence on Russia’s arms, what’s more, from a long-term perspective, the Russian weapons not only the price is right, weapon performance is also very strong, is a rare level “art” equipment, while western weapons not only expensive, mixed too much political factors,This obviously does not meet India’s actual needs, so the HEGEMONY policy of the United States has long been unpopular, if India stands against Russia, it is bound to lead to a serious weakening of the economy, energy and military.In addition, if Indians are not suffering from amnesia, they will surely remember how these Western “partners” helped them after the outbreak in New Delhi, with little help, schadenfreude and criticism, which left Them completely disappointed.In addition, the areas covered by THE US and Eu sanctions will have a fatal impact on the trade cooperation between Russia and India, so this is the main reason why India insists on refusing to take sides with the US.In today’s turmoil, maintaining good relations with Russia would be a safer bet.

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