55 +32 and still lose. First team in NBA history!Durant did his best, Nash got yelled at

The Nets lost to the Hawks 115-121 in the NBA’s regular-season eastern Conference standings, dropping out of eighth place.The two teams played very well, especially the core players, with the Nets riding Durant and Irving, and the Hawks, led by Trey Young, making consecutive free throws in the final seconds to help them win.The Nets also suffered a series of blows before the game, Dragic triggered a health and safety protocol, Brown sick absence, Seth Curry due to injury absence, lineup depth dropped a lot.Even so, they held the lead early on. Durant was in great shape, but irving was the only one beside him. The other players were in bad shape, led by Edwards with nine points and Mills with zero for seven.With the loss, the Nets are locked into the playoffs and can only advance through the play-offs.Durant had 55 points, seven rebounds and three assists on 19-of-28 shooting, 8-of-10 from 3-point range and 9-of-11 free throws in 42 minutes.His ninth 50-point game in the regular season, passing Bernard King (eight) for 12th all-time;The Nets scored 50+ points for the third time in franchise history, second only to Kyrie Irving (4).”It’s demoralizing,” Durant said after the game. “I’m not even worried about it.I shot well today, I made eight threes, but I would like to get a win.”Irving was off his game, shooting 12 of 32, 7 of 14 from 3-point range and scoring 31 points and six assists.Finally chasing points, he hit the iron, the team also missed the opportunity to catch up the score.Owen is currently in Ramadan and can’t eat between 3am and 16am. He ate fruit on the sidelines during matches, which appears to have affected his fitness for a month.Durant scored 55 points, And Irving added 31, both of whom played like crazy and didn’t help their team win the game.With the chop, they became the first pair in history to hit that number and lose.After the loss, critics pointed fingers at coach Steve Nash, who continued to misread the lineup and squander good situations.”We have four big games left,” he said. “We need to clear our heads, refresh ourselves and start again.”Entering the playoffs as ninth, the Nets would have to win twice in a row to clinch the eighth seed in the Eastern Conference, a position that Nash would almost certainly lose if he didn’t make the playoffs.

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