At the end of the school up to a number

The number is: 8.(The answer is not unique, just for reference).According to the answer, the “learn” stroke in the “learn” is eight strokes, corresponding to the number of 8.So, the number is: 8.The upper hand refers to the study of human affairs, and then to understand the laws of nature.Introduction of riddles: riddles are the main part of riddles, riddles in the form of cryptic expression depicting the image, nature, function and other characteristics, for people to guess the description of the text.It is to reveal the conditions of the riddle to provide clues, is the performance part of the lantern riddle art, can also be said to be the part of the riddle to ask questions, usually by concise and rich image of poetry, epigrams, phrases, words, words and so on.Number riddles: I’m hungry (type a number) — Riddle: 526;Mystery: 147;If you stand on your head, it will increase by half — Riddle: 6;I’m dead (type a number) — Riddle: 546;Are you hungry (type a number) — Riddle: 282;I miss you — Riddle: 530;Go for a walk (type a number) — Riddle: 799;Love passionately (type a number) — Riddle: 1573.

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