How do young people spend the New Year away from home?

With the impact of the epidemic, New Year’s Day in other places has become more and more accepted. Many young people already like New Year’s Day in other places, while some young people may not like the fast pace of the city and want to go home for the New Year.So how did this generation of young people spend the New Year away from home?Today, we interviewed a lot of young people on the street to find out what they said and how they spent the New Year.Many people have pets. They just spend the Spring Festival with their cats and dogs. They watch TV without going out and do not feel lonely.People who have a lot of friends choose, three or five friends together, is to play games, drink, masturbate, sing this kind of, high fun all night.Some young people enjoy the New Year alone, no one tube, no one nagging, is very cool.What about those with boyfriends and girlfriends?A little sister said, do some of the things that male and female friends should do at home, that is…Can’t broadcast ah, hahahahaha also have one parent in the same city, choose to go back to one parent’s home for the Spring Festival.Some are newly married, and many parents expect their children to bring their spouses home to show them.And just have a child, the child in the hometown, is very much to the child, just one or two years old, but can not go back.There are also many young people who want to go home very much. They feel lonely in the city and have not adapted to the life in the big city.It can be seen from the interview that people who have just come to big cities to struggle are more likely to miss home, and young people who are married and have children are not able to see their children because they work in other places for the Spring Festival.Many people who are used to living alone and living in big cities choose to spend the New Year in different places, which is relatively free, with no one to supervise and nagging. Those who have male or female friends do not want to go back home, thinking that it is best for them and worrying that it will be awkward to meet their parents when they go back home.So how do you spend the New Year in different places?Do you like Chinese New Year in different places?

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