BCC cold chain equipment first unit!Yili supplier Kaixue Cold Chain will: national specialty special new little Giant on 25th

On February 18, the Beijing Stock Exchange Listing Committee is scheduled to hold the fifth review meeting of 2022 on February 25, the meeting of Kaisue Cold Chain (831463). The members attending the meeting are Xuan Lei, Ye Ying, Yao Feijun, Li He and Fu Qiang.Dig institute, according to Mr KaiXue cold-chain mainly transport refrigeration equipment and refrigeration equipment at the end of the cold chain development, production, sales and technical services, and solutions for the customer provides cold-chain products, main products include refrigerator refrigeration units, commercial display cabinets, cold storage and bus air conditioning and other products, at the same time operating auxiliary refrigeration equipment parts and auto parts.According to the introduction, the company’s commercial display cabinet has been recognized by many well-known customers in China, including Yili, Mengniu, Junlebao, New Hope Dairy, Sanquan, Miss, Jinluo and so on have established long-term and stable cooperative relations with the company;Refrigerating unit and refrigeration unit integration of refrigerating vehicle have strong competitiveness, and established cooperative relations with Xinfei Special vehicle, Geely commercial vehicle, CIMC Vehicle, Zhenjiang Kangfei, Zhenjiang Fast, JIANGhuai Automobile, Jiangling Automobile, Zhengzhou Hongyu and other manufacturers as well as some of the top 100 cold chain logistics enterprises in the region.In addition, the company actively tracks the development trend of new energy buses, has launched electric air conditioning suitable for new energy buses, and reached cooperative relations with yutong Bus, BYD, JAC Automobile, Golden Long Automobile, CRRC times and other well-known bus manufacturers in the industry.In terms of technology, the dual-temperature independent refrigeration unit developed by the company has achieved a technological breakthrough under extreme working conditions, ensuring the stable temperature control of refrigerated vehicles in the environment of extreme high temperature, extreme low temperature and high altitude.In addition, the company has cooperated with the Chinese Academy of Sciences in the research and development of ultra-low temperature technology, has developed part of the medical refrigerator cold storage series products, and has obtained the “Medical Device Registration Certificate”, “Medical Device Manufacturing Enterprise License” and other market access qualifications.In December 2020, the company was awarded the second batch of specialized and special new small giant enterprises by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology.In terms of performance, according to the company’s prospectus (draft) disclosure, in 2021, the company’s operating revenue is 578 million yuan, with a year-on-year growth of 3.81%, and its net profit is 50.4767 million yuan.

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