Wen’s shares donated prepared chicken soup with love to help fight the epidemic

At present, Luoding city is in a critical period of epidemic prevention and control. As a national key leading enterprise of agricultural industrialization, Wen Food Group Co., LTD. (Hereinafter referred to as Wen Food Group Co., LTD.) pays close attention to the latest developments of the epidemic in Luoding and cares about the people in luoding.Less than a month after One million chicken Soup rushed to Xi ‘an to prevent and control the epidemic, Wen’s Stock responded to the call again. As a hometown enterprise, it immediately decided to rush to luoding to carry out epidemic prevention and control, and donated the prepared food product “chicken soup with pepper and pig’s stomach” to luoding people, with a total value of 300,000 yuan, to help luoding people guard their health and defeat the epidemic.Its stake in the standing vice President li, general manager of less loose, Winchester JiaWei Huang Qirong at the scene command on February 4, its shares first bus if necessary prefabricated luo certain food products, from its stake in a subsidiary Winchester JiaWei food co., LTD., guangdong, a new processing plant, its stake in the standing vice President li, general manager of less loose, Winchester JiaWei Huang Qirong wait for someone to the scene,Instruct the staff to load the products.Li Shaosong said, “to give full play to one’s own ability and make a contribution to the society” is the original intention of Wen’s stock company.After learning of the epidemic in Luo Ding, Wen’s Shares always care about and sympathize with luo Ding, and made the decision to support Luo Ding at the first time.As a hometown enterprise, Wenshi Shares has the responsibility and obligation to contribute to the people of hometown in the epidemic prevention and control.The donated product is “chicken soup with pepper and pork belly”, which sends warmth and support to the people of Luoding.After receiving the donation task, Yummy Foods, a subsidiary of Wen’s, moved quickly to produce at full capacity.From February 3, the whole company up and down departments from the market, supply and production of more than 100 cadres and employees to give up the Spring Festival holiday, take the initiative to join the chicken soup production work, catch the progress, coordination of cold chain transport vehicles, just as soon as possible love chicken soup timely, safe to reach the hands of the citizens of Luoding, to solve the urgent need of the public.It is reported that the target of the donation is the front-line anti-epidemic personnel and the affected people in Luoding. The person in charge of the epidemic situation in Luoding expressed sincere gratitude for the donation of Wen’s shares, saying that the donated materials will be provided to the most needy people in Luoding.It is understood that Since the outbreak of COVID-19, Wen’s has been closely following the development of the epidemic, putting people’s health at the heart, initiating public donation immediately, and taking advantage of the resources and network advantages of its headquarters and branches and subsidiaries across the country to efficiently assist the frontline of the fight against COVID-19.The employees of the company actively gave up rest, worked overtime, and did their best to support Hubei and Wuhan. They warmed the hearts of each recipient with fresh chicken and nourishing chicken soup.In February 2020, Wen’s Was approved to be included in the national list of key enterprises for epidemic prevention and control.In 2020, its shares and subordinate units to fight COVID – 19 outbreak, from hubei, guangdong, hunan, guangxi, guizhou, yunnan, shandong, jiangsu, chongqing and other provinces (municipalities directly under the central government, autonomous regions) disease resistance related institutions, medical staff, workers, citizens, etc., to donate cash, mask, food, disinfectants, total value of about 52 million yuan.A series of effective measures taken by Wen’s group to actively fight COVID-19 were selected as “Excellent Cases of Enterprise Fighting COVID-19” in The Research Report of Chinese Enterprises Fighting COVID-19, and were awarded the title of “Advanced Unit with Outstanding Achievements in Fighting COVID-19” by All-China Federation of Industry and Commerce.

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