Depression often says these 3 catchphrases, and if you don’t, be happy!

Depression is no longer a symptom of an individual, but a disaster for society as a whole.There is so much pressure in today’s society and life is so hard that some people have exhausted all their strength just to stay alive.Don’t look down upon “depression” these three words, attacks really “deadly”.In fact, depression in everyone will have, as long as the timely adjustment and active response, will not cause substantial harm to us.If depression is allowed to develop into depression, we should pay attention to it.Depression is a kind of psychological disorder, which is a kind of complex disease, based on physiological susceptibility, but also living environment factors.People suffering from depression will be accompanied by depression, sensitivity, mania, shame and other negative emotions;Long-term emotional harm, insomnia/dreams, mental exhaustion, disorderly behavior, even suicidal thoughts…Some people will say, TA usually not quite love to laugh, how can depression?In fact, depressed people will have negative feelings for themselves, good at camouflage in front of others, those so-called forced smile, they pretend to support.What is more striking is that depression is “trending younger”.According to the data, the number of adolescents between 14 and 28 years old receiving treatment for depression continues to increase, increasing 52% in 2014 compared with 2013, 89% in 2015 compared with 2014, nearly three times that of 2013, with an average of 3 adolescents treated every day.Globally, adolescent depression is now the second leading cause of death among 15- to 29-year-olds, after car crashes.Crucially, depressed people tend to be reluctant to tell others about their feelings, as prolonged depression can stimulate the brain to behave in ways that harm them.Therefore, only early detection of depression around the patient, in order to save TA and fire!What exactly is depression?Some people say that depression is a bad mood, further to say, is sad, grief, this is called negative emotions.And depressed people these 3 words do not leave the mouth, once aware, to carry out psychological intervention as soon as possible;If you or someone around you doesn’t say these three things, be happy.1, really boring in fact, everyone’s daily life is more or less the same, nothing more than eating, sleeping, work, play, if depression patients treat themselves as a robot, every day is these things, then it is easy to enter the psychological burnout, depression.A chronic lack of interest in anything, a tendency to say “what a bore”, a tendency to spend time alone and even a fear of communicating with others are all warning signs of depression.If you notice this phrase being used a lot around you or yourself, take note and get timely and effective treatment to improve the situation.2, do not want to live, it is I am not good depression patients of the world, themselves and the future of the extremely negative view, this extreme negative will destroy the patient’s sense of pleasure for anyone or things, lose the will to live and courage.They are extremely lack of confidence, no confidence in themselves, will put all the source of mistakes on their own, which is very detrimental to their physical and mental health.For a long time, it will make people’s heart into anxiety, especially when they encounter extremely difficult things, they can not solve things, they will complain about their inability to deepen the mood of depression.3, bored to death, I might as well have died a person for a long time to suppress their emotions, in the face of anything is not interesting, often upset, when talking to others always use this sentence to cover up their emotions, this time should pay attention to, this is the early phenomenon of depression.Their inner anguish can not vent, to a certain extent, will initiate the idea of suicide, and sometimes will have a plan to carry out, but do not have the courage.They believe that their existence is a mistake and a burden to others.They take life and death very lightly, thinking that it is not pain but a relief, and others will not be sad but happy.So when they build up enough courage, tragedy happens.Therefore, early a little depressed people will ridicule these three sentences, if a long time appears in a person, then we should pay attention to, he is likely to suffer from smile depression.If you have some depression patients around you, you must communicate with him more in daily life, let him and positive energy contact, so that you can slowly overcome the psychological barrier, let the body and mind become more positive.If you are, or are becoming, that person who, with tears in your eyes, pulls out a smile and tells everyone “I’m fine” and “I’m fine” and wants to save yourself but doesn’t know how, then I suggest you read Mr Toad goes to see a Therapist, a classic Introduction to Psychological counselling in The UK.It’s a thin, smooth, unpretentious book that seems to tell you and me a fairy tale, but tells the truth about how we adults feel about anxiety and depression:From not knowing what was wrong with you, to unwillingness to face it, to shame, to fear, to understanding the story behind the limitations of the family you grew up with, childhood debt, and adult anger.After ten psychological consultations, Mr. Toad, the protagonist, gradually came to understand that no matter how miserable and unsuccessful you are, when you come into this world, you must first learn to love yourself. It is never others who can help you out of difficulties, but only yourself.Originally, I am very important!Yes, Mr. Toad is who we are in the real world., most of the time, we always use “no relationship”, “I’m ok” to hide their inner disappointment and loneliness, we try very hard to suppress inner unwilling, in return for a little bit of “satisfied” in the others, but don’t know a lot of times, the settling just touched us, a bit does not impress anyone.So, we get frustrated and frustrated, we get depressed and frustrated, we long for change but can’t find a way, we desperately want someone to help us or tell us the way, but forget that the way is right here…Mr. Toad had tried so hard to live a good life, but in the face of external pressure, criticism and denial from others, they often habitually endured, thinking this was a mature performance.But we, Mr. Toad included, have forgotten who is the master of our lives;We’ve all forgotten who’s worth pleasing.Most of the time, we in the long road of life, will lose our own, we confused, drift, we sad, confused;But there’s nothing really to be afraid of, is there?The reason why life is unique and gorgeous is that in just a few decades, we will experience the passion and hope of life, as well as its weakness and fragility. We can laugh or cry. The master of our life is always ourselves, yes, the important one!Mr. Toad bravely took a step to change. From the initial resistance to acceptance, he searched for his lost self bit by bit in one psychological consultation and one spiritual correction.So, is Mr Toad cured?In the process of self-healing, Toad not only regained his happiness, but also his strength and courage.He used his own story, told us: life can heal, is always willing to come out of their own people.Life is uncertain, we always get hurt, there are always a lot of confusion.But don’t lose heart, don’t get discouraged.As long as you can calm down, carry difficult, you are the most powerful force.When you take the first step on the road to self-healing, the door to a new world will open for you.”Mr. Toad goes to see a Shrink,” Robert Dybold’s book is a collection of decades of psychological insights.You, your friends, and your children deserve to see it.The current price is only 38 yuan, click the link below, you can cure your life:

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