It’s really coming!The 5th generation Audi A8L was actually shot, netizen: When the old model sold to 690,000 yuan, only then knew the true value

Most luxury cars and upgrading of whole span of time is longer, though the margins of the modified is bigger, but you need time to upgrading of precipitation, the fifth generation of new audi A8L real vehicle, and pioneered the W12 top version, demonstrated the capabilities and new models of products, and the old car is still in a state of online,Entry-level version sell for $690000, the overall level of price decline is larger, a whole new generation models listed, just know true value for the old model, a new fifth generation audi A8L core competitiveness is derived from the interior of the size of the extended and new, and retain the W12 power system, for the high-end consumers, in large commercial car,Audi’s W12 power system, attractive or very strong.Fifth generation audi A8L new fifth generation audi A8L into the brand-new design concept, not only with business sense and luxurious feeling as the main design style, but to the young people love popular element, the first to use the new chrome decorative China open, adopted the latest generation of open canthus headlight, matching to the senior feels dye-in-the-wood big wheels,And the use of performance sense of the silver ear design, two color mirrors, mainly used in the Audi performance car series.Audi A8L, a new generation, has ushered in the fifth generation model, showing full product strength, the appearance of the field of energy performance incisively and vividly, the model takes into account the needs of young consumers and aesthetic, but also take into account the business car field and luxury car field standards.So at present, the new fifth generation Audi A8L appearance performance in the same level of vehicles among the forefront.At the same time, the new generation of Audi A8L provides a variety of sports kits and performance versions. After all, Mercedes S-Class and BMW 7 Series are two popular models with numerous versions, so in order to enrich the range of consumer groups, the new fifth generation Of Audi A8L also chooses a diversified development direction.Conclusion: The new audi A8L of the fifth generation was officially unveiled, and the price level of the current models dropped significantly, with outstanding performance in overall cost performance.

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