Notification on the situation of two close contacts in Tunxi District

On March 26, 2022 at 8 26 points, our field investigation letter, wuhu, 1 case of COVID – 19 patients with early screening positive two close contacts in our district, tunxi district epidemic prevention and control headquarters immediately launched the emergency response plans, and now the latest notice is as follows: one, wade tuen contact activity track 2 contact personnel Wu Mou temporary rent a certain, XXL in tunxi district yu west street.At 19 o ‘clock on March 23rd, zhengyang Dumpling Shop will have dinner.At 7:00 on March 24th, “Zhengyang Dumpling Shop” for dinner;12:05-13 “Qiaotou Stall” dining, 12:27 “Yan Bing Convenience Store” shopping;13:11 “Dulux Huixin Store” shopping;13:17 “Hangyu Hardware And Electrical Appliance Business Department” shopping;At 19:10 “bridge stalls” for dinner.At 7:18 on March 25th, zhengyang Dumpling Shop will have dinner.At 12:43, they had dinner in the hall of “Qiao Tou Pai Pai” and “Shi Li Dao Xiang” respectively;13:09 “Jia Xin Auto Repair Shop”;13:19 “Hangyu Hardware And Electrical Appliance Business Department” shopping;At 19:57, “Bridge stalls” for dinner.At 7:36 on March 26, zhengyang Dumpling Shop will have dinner.Three nucleic acid tests were conducted on both of them on March 23 and 24, and the results were negative.After epidemiological investigation, the two patients were closely transferred to a centralized isolation site for centralized medical observation, and the nucleic acid test results were negative.At present, 28 people have been identified and arranged for close contact in tuen, and all of them have been managed and controlled in place.Nucleic acid testing, environmental disinfection, health monitoring and other measures have been carried out in relevant sites. A total of 80 nucleic acid samples (30 for human and 50 for environmental) have been taken, and screening has been expanded in key sites. Nucleic acid samples from 736 people have been taken, with all negative results.Any person who may be in contact with or have crossed paths with the above persons at the above time and place shall immediately report to the local town (street), village (community) and Tunxi District Prevention and Control Office upon seeing this notice.On the premise of taking personal protective measures (public transport is strictly prohibited), go to the nearest nucleic acid testing site for nucleic acid testing and perform health monitoring as required.If there are serious consequences, relevant personnel will be investigated for legal responsibility according to law.Close contacts are not confirmed cases. Please do not believe, spread or fabricate rumors.The current epidemic prevention and control situation is still grim and complex. We should continue to consciously observe all epidemic prevention and control measures, further enhance the awareness of prevention and control, often ventilate, wear masks, minimize gatherings, wash hands frequently, use public spoons and chopsticks, maintain safe social distancing, do not go out unless necessary, and actively take coronavirus vaccine.Office of Tunxi District COVID-19 Prevention and Control Command Office Tel: 2596211 Tunxi District Center for Disease Control and Prevention Tel: 2513201 Tunxi District COVID-19 Prevention and Control Command Office March 26, 2022

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