Valentine’s Day did not receive the flowers, this life bloom for you

Each other’s mind actually needless to say, but already said, although mutual understanding, but there is still lost, late flower still retained its fragrance, but still retained.Again perfect explanation, may already be an excuse.Lie on the bed unusual exhaustion, culprit is the fragrance that festal leave behind.Tossing and turning may be the dimension of your regrets at the time.Get up to see the window side bright moonlight, Snow White on the ground, the faint fragrance of valentine’s day, in my heart rippling back and forth, the more I can’t sleep.Should be light flowers fly into your heart, but it is a sad injury.A few days ago the words are still vividly in mind, at that time you look forward to say, after marriage you will give me?Then I said confidence guarantee, it must, don’t ever give you back to the others ~ 520 day, thank you for let me know what is love, thank you for let me know what is happiness, thank you will agree with in my side, the day before yesterday I’ve always wanted to let you have junior iii little bracelet, because life have you enough I met.This should not be to the section, the first to the ceremony, but the section to the ceremony, although thought has arrived, read also has come, but the festival fragrance flutters in the wind, lost in the heart.The fragrance of flowers should overflow, to the rich chocolate, bring us the happiness of valentine’s Day to each other, but the rich has been direct to my heart, the lack of flower flavor for a long time did not appear in your heart.That moment you text in the mood, make me frown, instant on my mind, fast flip, understand the cause of possible occurrence.When I talk to you, I can’t say a complete apology. Words fail to express what I feel in my heart. The following words are full of my heart.After all is not standing in your heart to think, should share with you all my feelings.The valentine’s day of febuary 14, appear thick love even in the wind, the wind transmits eternal remember, snowflake already floats no longer, but its come first, wave the sleeve that resembles snow elf in that way, wait for that beautiful day arrival.Earnest affection, mountain high water long, with your feelings, increasingly fragrant, leisurely years, busy for you, long life, accompany with you.There will be no more days to make you sad, only to make you feel hopeful about the future with me.I hope the future is not like yesterday, happy happy forever.Late disappointment, sorry, happy Valentine’s day, the future compensation is every day for you is your day!The future, the future.

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