Chinese New Year must know the cultural etiquette

Major traditional festivals in China from December 23 people had begun to prepare the New Year from the time before Chinese New Year but want to cross over to the Lantern Festival for a whole month time according to the legal holiday is seven days now picture is derived from the network to delete (cut) Chinese New Year customs must finish see oh as the most popular and ceremonious in China the Spring Festival, everyone the reunion of the festival,Carrying a lot of beauty and sustenance from thousands of years has been handed down some Customs of the New Year,In our hearts is still very important twenty-three days of the kitchen day twenty-four sweep the dust of the Japanese twenty-five jade Emperor twenty-six Xiafulu twenty-eight stick red twenty-nine small New Year’s Eve New Year’s Eve day worship age god two New Year’s Eve day three burning door paper day five break five customs day six cloth day seven people win day eight start the fifteenth day of the first monthThe younger generation should pay New Year’s greetings to their elders after the New Year, the elders give New Year’s money to the younger generation. The married people have to go back to their parents’ home on the second day of the New Year. There is another thing that children like very much.Is will give children with new clothes before the Spring Festival, usually choose to compare clothes’ festival family reunion dinner is certainly not at the dinner table etiquette is also very important in the past articles have said little attention before you can see the article ~ you know what Chinese New Year customs culture are discussed in the comment at all want to learn more wonderful content,Good night, midnight

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