Donga County of Liaocheng launched the “Blue Action love Not Lonely” theme activity to care for autistic children

In order to enhance the concern and attention of the whole society for autistic children, and promote autistic children to better integrate into the society, recently, the Donga County Disabled Persons’ Federation and maternal and Child Health Care Hospital of The County launched the theme activity of “Blue Action love not lonely”.In dong ‘e maternal and child health care, the expert introduced autism rehabilitation of disabled children, at the same time view of children with autism rehabilitation evaluation, structured rehabilitation teaching session, with the parents of the children with autism had a cordial conversation, learn more about the children’s basic situation, the effect of rehabilitation and difficulties, encourage them to full of confidence, believe that life will be better in the future.At the rehabilitation center display bar, you can see “Blue Paintings,” which show the unique paintings of autistic children.Later, we carried out a fusion activity with the autistic children. The musical performance of the autistic children moved everyone present, as if they were the most shining “stars”.County disabled people’s Federation for the children to send sports goods, painting tools and educational toys, wish them a speedy recovery, happy growth.After the event, the staff of the county disabled Persons’ Federation expressed their gratitude to the medical staff and rehabilitation trainers for their efforts, and called on the society to respect, understand and care for autistic patients, and give more policy guidance, professional support and social resources to the autistic group.Audited by: Li Zhaohui

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