In the past 47 days of 2022, nine celebrity officials announced their weddings, with some ending a nine-year relationship

Just 47 days into 2022, the entertainment industry is getting a lot of good news, with nine celebrities officially announcing their weddings, including three on the same day.While fans were surprised, they also reacted differently to different celebrity marriages. Let’s take a look below.Zhang Meng and Xiaowu used to post their sweet updates on social media, prompting fans to urge them to get married soon.This exotic couple finally came to fruition on February 10, 2022. One said they finally married you, and the other said they finally married you, which made people feel full of love across the screen.Zhang Meng’s popularity in the entertainment circle is not good, more than once into the small three storm.After establishing a relationship with xiao Wu, she was attacked by netizens, who thought she was the third person who destroyed xiao Wu’s previous marriage.But even so, the two still went together without hesitation.However, from love to official publicity, not many people are optimistic about them.But this still does not affect the feelings of the two people, just hope that this time Zhang Meng can learn to cherish, and xia5 has been in love.King Wang, a talk-show actor who is famous for “You Can Be Wonderful”, posted his marriage certificate to Lu Pengxing on Feb 10.She once thanked her partner’s parents on the show, saying Lu peng-hing was the best gift they had ever given her.Also on that day, she took the initiative to love Lv Pengxing, propaganda which day free to get the card.Apparently three months later, on February 10, they were both “free” and legally married.As soon as the news of King’s marriage came out, many entertainers sent their best wishes.Among them, there are some high popularity stars like Yang Zi, Wang Sulong and MAO Not easy. It has to be said that King’s popularity is really good. Although his popularity is not high, he has received a lot of blessings.Hyun Bin and Son Ye-jin are a couple of Korean entertainment golden couple. They were knocked up by the audience while filming Crash Landing in Love.It didn’t take long for their fans’ wishes to come true, and in 2021, they officially announced their relationship, much to their fans’ excitement.On February 10, 2022, hyun Bin and Son Ye-jin were officially announced to be married.Their wedding, in March, will be low-key, with only parents and friends invited.They posted pictures of themselves holding hands, each declaring their love for the other.Netizens have expressed their best wishes to them, hoping that the couple will continue to be happy and sweet.Hyuna in 2022, Korean entertainment added another piece of good news, Kim Hyuna proposed to Hyun a successful, two people soon officially announced the marriage.Jin xiaozhong posted a photo of the two of them in a beautiful background, dressed in white and white dress, kissing together.Xuan Ya and Jin Xiaozhong are sisters and younger brother love, two people began secret dating in May 2016, in August 2, 2018 officially announced the relationship.They are so wrapped up in their own love that they don’t care what the outside world sounds like.Now that they have finally ended their nearly six-year relationship, they are set to be even happier as husband and wife.On January 16, 38-year-old Zeng Peici happily announced her new identity: I have a husband, along with two photos of her and her husband looking sweetly at each other.She introduced her boyfriend to the media last year after they were spotted dating.The two, a musician, have known each other for more than 10 years, but only became serious in the past two years.Zeng Peici hit the big time in 2019 with The Distance Between Us and Evil, and now she’s reaping her love.It can be said that the workplace love double satisfied, let a person envy unceasingly.South Korean actress Park Shin-hye married her boyfriend of five years, Chey Tae-joon, in a big ceremony in Seoul on Jan 22, 2022.Many South Korean stars arrived to congratulate, warm and grand scene, no less than the award ceremony.On October 23 last year, Park, who was four months pregnant at the time, shared her wedding news with the public. She couldn’t hide her happiness and anticipation.In park’s public wedding photos, she can be seen dancing with a slender, pregnant figure.They danced back-to-back duets, with Choi tae-joon raising his right leg.Zhu jie, a former dragon TV host, posted his wedding photos on January 29.And attached a sentence to let love my friends have been waiting for a long time, the official announcement and girlfriend married good news.Although Zhu Jie’s fame is not big, but that year it was the top of the “MY style my Show” runner-up title into the Dragon TV, became a host.At the same time, it has crossed the boundary of development, although it has been lukewarm, but it is also smooth.Zhu Jie’s good friend Qi Wei sent his best wishes for the first time, and hoped that the good brothers who had worked hard together and fought hard could be happy forever.Bai Jugang looks like a big boy bai Jugang, in fact, has already entered the marriage, but we do not know.Some time ago, the variety show “Our Hot Life” revealed his marital status.As he listed his marital status as “very happy”, many netizens speculated on whether Bai was already married.Bai was quick to admit that he was happily married.Perhaps because the wife is not a member of the circle, so bai Jugang has not been officially announced, presumably just to better protect his wife.But if you want to know his relationship status, you might want to listen to his song “Little Things.”After nine years of dating, Shen Mengchen and Du Haitao posted their wedding photos at 18:13 on February 17, 2022.The reason for choosing this time is that June 13 is Shen Mengchen’s birthday, which is really sweet to all.Just in the first two years, Shen also urged marriage from time to time on the show, but Du haitao has not given a clear response.Then about two people break up the news often spread, for a time true or false let a person pondering.However, this Spring Festival, some netizens found a picture of Du Haitao in Shen Mengchen’s hometown during the Spring Festival.At the time, it was said that rumors of their breakup had been dispelled, but it was not long before the news that they had ended their nine-year long run and got married was truly gratifying.Marriage is a happy event, is worthy of congratulations and congratulations.Although their marriage is not promising, life is for the young couple and has nothing to do with others, so as long as they feel happy.Let’s hope these entertainers make the most of their marriage. 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