Zhangzhou Hsiang Bureau of Agriculture and Rural Areas: Keep people’s livelihood line of line Xiang, protect stable production for anti-epidemic prevention

March 30 – (Minnan network reporter Lu Long correspondent Shi Huimin Liu Qinci text/figure) in recent days, xiangcheng District bureau of agriculture and Rural affairs called on cadres and workers to settle the line, do a good job of stable production for and reinforcement community volunteer services, to win the epidemic prevention and control of the war to contribute to force.We will do our best to protect people’s vegetable baskets.Drug during the epidemic prevention and control, the city bureau of agriculture and rural areas according to the area of epidemic prevention and control command deployment requirements, comprehensively strengthen the “vegetable basket” stable for protection, efforts to develop vegetable planting scale, technical personnel and the town of agricultural technology personnel with a drug to a city tianbao town, the town of PuNa main vegetables planting towns like guide operators and farmers improve the ascending field management.To ensure supply of agricultural products during the outbreak, since March 21, a drug city bureau of agriculture and rural areas for relevant enterprises to deal with agricultural and sideline products and agricultural materials transportation pass “green channel”, can be in zhangzhou city limits, can not help line, not out of the box (bag) to check, not to collect fees, according to the work on further strengthening the management of freight vehicle driver notice,The plan is to further apply for “health service cards” for drivers of agricultural and sideline products and vehicles transporting agricultural supplies, and strictly implement the “one car, one card” policy to ensure normal transport of agricultural supplies and vehicles supplying agricultural products and orderly circulation of agricultural products during the epidemic period.Solid progress will be made in the production of spring farming services for agricultural machinery.During the spring ploughing period, Xiangcheng Agricultural and Rural Bureau vigorously publicized the subsidy policy of agricultural machinery purchase, promoted the enthusiasm of farmers to purchase machinery, and made efforts to improve the amount of agricultural production machinery and tools invested in spring. It also completed the guidance of farmers to repair 315 agricultural machinery and tools. Up to now, 241 micro-ploughers have been invested and the land preparation area of mechanical ploughing is 1347 mu.On March 25th, Xiangcheng Bureau of Agriculture and Rural Areas led the on-site training demonstration of rice vod machine, vigorously promoted the mechanization of rice planting, improved the level of cultivation and harvesting of main crops, and gave full play to the role of agricultural machinery in spring agricultural production.Assisting communities in epidemic prevention and control.Xiangcheng District Bureau of Agriculture and Rural Affairs actively and conscientiously implemented the decisions and deployment of the district Committee and government on epidemic prevention and control, using weekends to sink the whole staff to hook up with the community.As of March 29, Xiangcheng Agriculture and Rural Affairs Bureau has arranged 208 people to jiuqiao community and Xinhuadong Community to take part in epidemic prevention and control, and 98 people to other 13 nucleic acid testing sites in Xiangcheng District for nucleic acid testing. While doing a good job in self-protection, they fight side by side with community personnel and medical workers.People who come for nucleic acid sampling will have their body temperature checked, their personal information registered, and order maintained at the site. We will work together to establish a “safety line” for community epidemic prevention and be good guardians of the people.

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