Actor Ma Shaoxin, who played Lin Biao in Armageddon, has died

Ma Shaoxin, a renowned artist and actor of jixi People’s Art Theater, died at the age of 86 on March 15, according to the Jixi Literary and Art Federation.Ma rose to fame as Lin Biao in the movie Armageddon and is regarded as the most successful Lin Biao type actor.It is reported that Ma Shaoxin is a national first-class actor and a member of the China Film Association. He has played Lin Biao in the movies “Armageddon: Battle of Liaoshen”, “Armageddon: Battle of Pingjin” and “Great March: Pursuit of the Southern Front”, and also appeared in TV dramas such as “Snowy Forest” and “Heroes around the World”.Beijing Youth Daily reporter Zhang Enjie editor cui Wei

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