China’s national football team needs two things to make a good start to the year of the Tiger

Match: Vietnam VS China at 20:00 on February 1, 2022 Venue: Mei Ting Stadium, Hanoi, VietnamHead coach: Li Xiaopeng Common formation: 4-4-1-1 Core Players:Wu Lei, Wu Xi, Jiang Guangtai national football team on the last round of the defeat of the Japanese team, the basic hope of qualifying, this round and Vietnam team match coincides with the Spring Festival, the national football team all soldiers certainly do not want to be scolded and ridicule at this point.Although the strength has no advantage at all, and we still away battle, but I believe that the National football team will go all out to get the year of the Tiger off to a good start.After all, the Japanese team is expected to lose, the outside world is more important is the match with the Vietnamese team, the national football team must be very clear about the weight of this game.From the first leg of the two sides met in the process, objective evaluation is to balance, I present to you but the Vietnam team is at home, rub their dominant is not surprising, but even if Vietnam team now accused of transfer ability than ever before have soared, they could not like Japan’s can be completely suppressed in half.What national football team should do is to combine the advantages of altitude and counterattack. On the one hand, it should seize the biggest weakness of Vietnam team, which is lack of height, and give full play to the advantages of altitude of Zhang Linpeng, Jiang Guangtai, Zhu Chenjie and Zhang Yuning through the chances of passing the ball or setting the ball.On the other hand to make good use of the Vietnamese team this field oath to take points to achieve a breakthrough mentality, in the conversion of attack and defense to decisively out of the ball, the counterattack out.First leg clash at the team’s first goal is made by counter, although the Vietnam team using the three central defenders formation, run into 5 defender, but their defence players between the help and protection did not look good, the team’s want to hold the precision of good passing and movement meet timing, and is to be able to find loopholes in Vietnam team defense,Look at the Chinese football players can turn the opportunity into a goal.Li Xiaopeng adjusted the positions of Wu Xi, Zheng Zheng, Hao Junmin, Wang Shenchao and others, but the effect was not good from the spot. It was better not to make similar arrangements in this round of the match with The Vietnamese team. With the current strength of the National football team, even in the face of the Vietnamese team can not afford any setbacks.Considering the importance of the game, the two naturalized offensive players Alan and Luo Guofu should return to the starting lineup at the same time. Alan’s off-ball running and luo Guofu’s physical ability are needed by China national Football Team, and other positions will most likely use the personnel from the previous matches.Expected starting team goalkeeper: Yan Junling Defender: Zhang Linpeng, Jiang Guangtai, Zhu Chenjie, Wang Shenchao Midfield: Wu Lei, Xu Xin, Wu Xi, Luo Guofu Forward: Alan forward:General situation analysis of Vietnam team: Head coach: Park Hang Xu usual formation: 3-5-2 Core players: Nguyen Quang Hai, Nguyen Tran Ling, Nguyen Hoang Duc Vietnam lost all the first seven rounds and were eliminated in advance, now their goal is clear:It is to seize the last three rounds of the opportunity to get the first point or even the first victory in the history of the team in the top 12 matches, and this round of home game with The National football Team, both the Vietnamese team and the Vietnamese media regard this game as their best chance to get “zero breakthrough”.Vietnam lost to Thailand in the semifinals of the Southeast Asian Championship last month, but they were 50-50 with Thailand in the two legs. Under the leadership of South Korean coach Park Hang-seo, Vietnam’s overall strength has greatly improved compared to the past, and it is no longer the underdog.The first leg against China was a case in point, a game in which the Vietnamese never failed in terms of spectacle and statistics, and which China scraped away with a lucky-winning goal.This round of Vietnam team home attack, just on the day of the game is the lunar New Year’s day, Vietnam also has the tradition of the Spring Festival, Vietnam’s whole team up and down is full of enthusiasm to give a gift to the people in the New Year, so for the National football team this round of competition is more difficult than the first round.Although all three home games before the Vietnam team defeated, but three games are just 1-0 landed, and this game 3 opponent is also a group of the top three teams (Australia, Japan, Saudi Arabia), in addition to the disadvantage and the Japanese war, the other two games Vietnam team in both scenes shooting times are dominant in the party,Visible Vietnam team in the home fighting capacity is good.4-0 rout away Vietnam team round in Australia, playing a full game but only 5 people, regular coach park hang-seo has clearly in preparation for the game in advance, missed the round top scorer on RuanJinLing this will return, but landing GuiYu test positive for sea because of the new champions, can’t play the game.Another midfielder Pan Wende accumulated two yellow suspended, both of them out for great impact on the Vietnam team, there are “Vietnam Lionel messi,” said the RuanGuangHai is the absolute core of Vietnam team, he is a left-footed player but I prefer the ball from the right cut inside attack, although is only 1.68 meters in height at the foot of fast and dribbling and breakthroughs are characteristic,After he gets rid of often will cross the ball straight plug hit the opponent behind, Ruan Jinling and Ruan Gongfeng and other people responsible for receiving, this kind of attack the National football team must focus on prevention.Expected to be Vietnam’s starting line-up goalkeeper: Pei Chin Chang Defender: Nguyen Thanh Chung, Chan Ting Chung, Pei Chin Yong Wing Defender: Vu Van Thanh Nguyen Phong Hung Wi Midfielder:Ruan Guanghai, Chen Mingwang, Ruan Huang De Forwards: Ruan Gongfeng, Ruan Jinling Match prediction: The National football team is undefeated

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