He just got out of jail and committed 21 burglaries in Hainan!Lock up!

When luo, a yunnan man, walked out of a prison in Fujian province on Feb 1, the day he was released from prison, he suddenly realized he was 41 years old.Twice in prison for larceny and robbery, no longer in his prime.Luo just remembered that a fellow prisoner had told him that the scenery in Hainan was beautiful.On February 15, he arrived at Haikou with a small amount of savings. However, the most beautiful scenery in the new environment failed to dispel his evil thoughts. After running out of money, he embarked on the old road of theft again.He drove the stolen car in Sanya to many places for burglary. Recently, Chengmai police arrested the suspect surnamed Luo in Dongfang City, and Luo has been detained.On February 25, Sanya police received a report that a Buick commercial vehicle was stolen in tianya district.The police found that the buick commercial vehicle from chengmai old town, Dafeng town, lingao, Danzhou, Dongfang and other cities and counties.Where buick went, there were 12 smashed car theft, 8 burglary cases.At 2 am on March 2, the coast police station of Chengmai County public Security Bureau received a report that a tenant of a villa in Hailan Luneng East District 1 was stolen, and two cameras and 1,000 yuan in cash were missing.At 8 am the same day, the old city coast police station received another alarm, the alarm is the previous owner of the neighboring community, his iron fence was damaged after the theft of more than 3,000 yuan in cash, a laptop computer and more than 10 packets of cigarettes.District monitoring shows that at 1 am, there is a black man wearing a cap, wearing a mask, the body is very strong, holding a long iron rod in the hand appeared at the scene of the crime, with a major crime suspect.Sanya police found that the stolen Buick commercial car appeared in the old city of Chengmai on March 2, and immediately sent a report to the Chengmai police for assistance.The investigation by the police of the Coast police Station of The old City immediately confirmed that the suspect stole a car in Sanya and fled to the old city area to commit crimes. It is highly likely that the recent similar cases were committed by one person.The suspect Luo Mou Gang identified the crime scene as “A number of burglaries occurred in Dafeng Town and the old town in Chengmai, and the crime methods were the same.”The old city coast police station will immediately report the investigation to the Chengmai County public Security Bureau, The Chengmai County public security Bureau attaches great importance to the decision by the bureau of synthetic combat center and the old city coast police station case investigation.On March 6, investigators found a stolen Buick driven by the suspect near a kiosk in Nanfeng Town, Danzhou City. When the suspect got out of the kiosk to buy something, the surveillance camera of the kiosk captured clear images and finally identified the suspect.Luo Mou Gang, male, yunnan, 41 years old.He had just been released from a prison in Fujian province on February 1 after serving a sentence for theft and robbery.On the night of March 6, Luo was driving a stolen Buick from Danzhou to Dongfangbasuo. Luo, who has years of experience in theft, was very cunning. He avoided monitoring by driving on highways and hotels and wore gloves when committing crimes.The next morning, Luo just arrived at an ATM in a bank on Donghai Road, Basuo Town, Dongfang City. Seeing no one around, he quickly got out of the car and took out a wad of money to deposit.When he finished saving money ready to get on the car, the dark already ambushed good public security police instant forward, put him down on the ground.In the struggle, two sharp screwdrivers just fell off Luo’s body. When he desperately reached forward to reach them, luo was kicked away by the police, who was “quick-eyed and quick-footed”. After a short struggle, luo was put on the handcuffs, and the police shouted, “Don’t move!We are public security bureau, should know why arrest you!”Police told reporters that Luo is 1.75 meters tall, strong and powerful, and it was not easy to catch him.Luo soon confessed that after stealing a Buick in Sanya, he drove all the way and committed 21 theft crimes in Hainan.At present, he has been detained by the police.Source: Rule of Law Times

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