Recommended new book: lack of writing style and rhythm tension

In fact, everyone has a book shortage period, the book shortage of the kind of confusion, hardship of the feeling of deep experience, want to find a suitable for their own is really too difficult.In this age of online articles, it’s not easy to find a good book that you love to read.But what is a good book? A good book is a book that is engaging, touching, and satisfying to one’s taste.The book list introduces four books, any one will make you love, bookworm highly recommended!”From the beginning of liberation,” the author: Tuiwei recommended reasons: the author of pure cool, wu Dao strong through the different world to complete the task, a sense of no generation.Pure force to solve, read more than ten chapters or quite interesting, but looked at it on the vomit, always fighting, fighting and killing!Brain is a good thing, the author must not give up treatment “can”, the author: Nine xi childe recommended reasons:Will see what time the previous chapter, the plot advancing slowly, conflict is not much, advantage is that the author ancient history knowledge is solid, aerial set is very deep, deceive me enough, character set is a logical, I’m quite like this set of, if there are certain reasonable deduction as they add a pinch of bright of reasonable force would be even better.Author,, let me: oil mushroom recommended reason: the war period, Japanese crossing into unknown people, because the story background for only men can scribe Wu Dan, simply be spiritual growth, so she later even wear men’s clothing to the women, said they don’t believe in others, make a lot of jokes, ha ha.One of the strange things about the heroine is that she can always gain followers in an incredible way, which is great.Another funny point is that she can drink a drop of wine, drunk after hanging, quite domineering, oh, she wenwu shuangxiu, fight to su Shuang.It was all forgotten afterwards, and when she was drunk, it was fun to do things that made her scribes tremble.Fairy grass oh ~ “The Bizarre Creation of Japanese”, author: Wendao Hand to recommend reasons:I think is quite small, the food tasteless, abandon a pity, imagination is fun, but not for strange about that kind of spooky feeling, pig feet at the same time gave me the feeling is not very good, speaking narrator describes behavior and various petty action, completely is a genuine Japanese native, can’t see any belong to through the water chestnut and arrogant.Stone message this book list ends here, writing is not easy, and line and cherish!If you like, you can add bookshelves and read with me.Finally, if you like stone recommendation, don’t forget the three links, like, share and pay attention.thank you

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