Sheng Shiliang: The United States is a bully and will not engage in direct military conflict with Russia

Straight news: Us National Security Advisor Sullivan on Sunday talked about how Russia would launch a war against Ukraine with missiles and bombs. What do you think of that?What do you think of the American dialect of war?Sheng Shiliang, a researcher with The Center for World Studies of Xinhua News Agency, said: “It is true that the US has used military force many times, but it is also a bully and a bully. For example, it sent troops to grenada, a small Country in Latin America, and also to Afghanistan and Iraq.But what is Russia like?It is the first military power in the world.Biden has said Russia has one of the most powerful militaries in the world and that a military conflict between the two countries would result in a world war.Putin has also said that if it is a big power invasion, if the US attacks it, Russia will not talk nonsense, it is to use nuclear weapons against it.Russia’s military philosophy is simple.And biden, for all his talk of military aid and all that, is very much guarding that line in terms of direct conflict with Russia and never even thinking about crossing it.So now, despite all the Shouting, there’s really no danger.And is it possible that the United States, which has an unwritten rule in offensive campaigns to outnumber the enemy six to one, could now outnumber Russia six to one?It’s impossible.The United States only deployed thousands of troops there, and made a lot of fuss about it. Now it sent 2,000, then it might consider sending 1,300, and finally it didn’t even reach 10,000. How can you launch an offensive against a big country?Direct news: The Ukrainian President insisted that there would be no war, and he invited Biden to visit Ukraine in a phone call on Sunday. Russia also refuted the rumors of war. What is your analysis of this?Sheng Shiliang, a researcher with The Center for World Studies of Xinhua News Agency: It is indeed very strange. Both parties said that they do not want to hit you, and the other party also said that they are right.It was someone else, the stranger, who was too eager to provoke them to a fight, even giving a very clear date that it might happen on the sixteenth.The most noisy, of course, is far away from the United States, followed by the More noisy Is the Anglo-Saxon countries.Britain and the Other European countries followed the United States in withdrawing their diplomats, saying there was a risk, but in fact the Europeans didn’t want a war there, because if it did, Europe would get caught in the middle, and the United States was the one who wanted something to happen.The United States has long had this desire to get rid of the Putin regime, how to get rid of it, it will make Russia exhausted militarily, economically more and more difficult, diplomatic sanctions, which can encourage the elite in Russia to have dissatisfaction with Putin, but also can let the people have dissatisfaction with the regime.And then in the next election in 2024, you could have a regime that the United States would be more comfortable with or more comfortable with, and the idea is that the United States is trying to maintain tension in every way possible.When Biden was vice president, he developed a very cunning strategy for dealing with enemies like Russia called offshore balancing.What harm would it do for the US to have fewer people, fewer guns and less money, and let Russia’s enemies and unfriendly countries around it fight against Russia and create tension there?There is no harm in it.So the United States wants to maintain military tension there.The US keeps saying “Russia is going to attack Ukraine”, even though the other side doesn’t think it is in danger, the US keeps creating tension.Straight NEWS: On the day of the first telephone conversation between Russia and the U.S. dollar, a U.S. navy nuclear submarine suddenly entered Russian territorial waters. What is your observation on this?Why is the US still engaging in confrontational actions at such a dangerous time?Sheng Shiliang, World Studies Center, Xinhua News Agency: What is the last red line between Russia and the US?The two sides must avoid direct military conflict.In order to avoid this direct military conflict, Russia and the United States always maintain a hotline between powerful departments and top leaders, so that there will not be direct military confrontation between the two countries due to accidental events.As for the submarine incident, specifically, it was because Russia was holding military exercises there, and the United States wanted to observe nearby, so it specially sent submarines to observe.Russia found out, because Russia says it’s already in Russian waters, so Russia has three tricks for foreign surface ships and submarines that intrude into those waters.Warning number one, verbal warning. Don’t listen.The second trick is that, if surface ships drop bombs or shell in front of your course, and don’t listen to them, they directly hit your ships, Russia is generally three steps, and there is no need to go to the first level to ask what superior.A soldier can make that decision based on protocol.So the US knew that Russia was going to do what they said they would, and they quickly put out some false signals, jamming their radar and sonar, and soon left the territorial waters.Of course the United States later said, “We did not enter Russian territorial waters, we sailed in all decency and safety.” In fact, the United States, as in other cases, denies even entering Russian territorial waters.Of course, Under such circumstances, Russia will be very careful in dealing with such strategic weapons as U.S. nuclear submarines with torpedoes and cruise missiles.The author is Sheng Shiliang, researcher of World Studies Center of Xinhua News Agency

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