Why can’t a country live without the real economy? China can tell you why with 14 years of experience and lessons

I believe that many friends have found such an interesting phenomenon, that is, most people are beginning to be more and more interested in things full of science and technology, compared with some traditional functions, people are no longer interested in things.Technology is quietly changing a country and changing the world.Take the Internet for example, many people have enjoyed the dividend brought by the Internet.Such as express delivery industry, online shopping, media and so on.These nascent industries are attracting investors and the pie is growing.Because everyone thinks these industries are profitable, so they are desperate to get into these industries.Even many self-proclaimed experts say that the Internet economy may replace the real economy in the future.Many people probably agree, and some are optimistic.But they ignore the fact that if such a situation does occur one day, the blow to a country must be very fierce, even devastating.Many people say that the Internet economy in western countries is so developed that we should learn from it.But in fact, you are wrong, because the developed Internet economy in the West is just the appearance, their real economy is not weak, but easy to be ignored.Because many of their physical factories are not built in their own countries, but a large number of factories and mines are located in overseas countries.Take the United States for example, the domestic Internet economy developed.But the real economy is not backward at all, they just work for others, but the real power is still in their own hands.Can the Internet economy replace the real economy? In fact, the answer is affirmative, that is no.Because our country has had a bad experience, and a bad experience for 14 years.Why the Internet economy can never replace the real economy.Take this pandemic for example. If everyone had just relied on the Internet economy, it would have collapsed.The Internet economy is like a bubble that will burst as soon as it is affected by external forces.Therefore, the Internet economy can only play a superficial role in the face of big right and wrong, and the real role, or rely on the real economy.During World War II, Japan’s strong real economy contributed to its great economic and military power.At that time, Korea had 400 million people, but Japan dared to attack our country.The fundamental reason lies in that Japan had a mature industry at that time, but China was still zero start.They can already make some weapons such as planes, artillery and tanks, while we are still using relatively backward weapons and equipment.After fourteen years of fighting, we finally beat the enemy off.But I have also summed up a lesson with my life, that is, the strength of the real economy is the foundation for a country to be strong.

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