After years of cheating and faking, the “guitar genius” fell from grace this year

Guitar Hero is probably the best-selling music game series in Europe and the United States, and this series was created in the mid-2000s.You use a guitar controller to simulate the movements of the guitarist, as if you were the star on stage.Over the years, the guitar Hero series has faded from its former glory, as its “party item” status and novelty have been replaced by motion-sensing devices.But the guitar Hero fans (and rock Band players, of course) have stuck with them, and continue to communicate in the community today, and challenge themselves in Clone Hero’s extremely difficult playing.In 2018, the guitar Hero community was already well established, and one player named Schmooey slowly climbed the Clone Hero charts.Players in the community began to pay attention to the man, following his social platforms and video channels at the age of 20.Countless players have high expectations for this new star.Over the years, the community watched As Schmooey uploaded video after video, completing one Full Combo (” FC “for short) that challenged the limits of humanity.At this point Schmooey was recognized by gamers and was hailed by many as “the best guitar Hero player of the moment”, even though his videos might freeze or go black for a moment, no one ever questioned the authenticity of his achievements.Due to the sheer difficulty of the game, Clone Hero players can interpret “FC” in one of two ways. One is what we normally think of as a “Full Combo” that completes the entire track.The other is segmented Technical Full Combo (i.e., “Tech FC”), which refers to the video that can theoretically reach FC after splicing.It usually takes a few months or even more than a year for an expert to go from Tech FC to real FC.In fact, the Tech FC demo with as few clips as possible will be uploaded to the player’s channel.Because the game itself is so difficult, other players will also admire a good Technical Full Combo video.Back to Schmooey, he’s already a top player and his challenges are only going to get harder, so he decided to take on 9 Patterns Of Eternal Pain and uploaded his own challenge video in December 2021.At the speed he chooses, the charts in 9 Patterns Of Eternal Pain look so dense that even in the eyes Of a pro, they’re “anti-human.”However, in the video, Schmooey finally achieves Full Combo with one operation, which adds a great color to his legendary experience.But everything he has built has been undone by early 2022.On January 8, 2022, Clone Hero’s top player Jobu noticed that Schmooey’s finger movements in the video didn’t exactly match the spectrum.Jobu also noticed that in addition to the media UI used to record the video, the Windows Media Player UI appeared in the video and a bit of a voice was recorded.All the more reason for him to question the veracity of Schmooey’s results.Jobu and two other Clone Hero players, GhostForce and CarnyJared, reached Schmooey over skype to share their doubts and ask for answers.Schmooey said that the render turned off automatically after he finished recording, so he had to turn on the OBS alone to re-record.But that doesn’t explain the extra sound.Schmooey did you play it all by yourself?Or did you fake it from the Full Combo video?When asked about the mismatch, Schmooey mumbled that it was just a matter of his own manipulation, but in the face of expert players’ doubts about the mismatch between the order of the faces and the order of the fingers, Schmooey’s words were unconvincing.Jobu et al., for their part, didn’t just focus on 9 Patterns Of Eternal Pain.They also raise a lot of questions.For example, the score increase in the previous video flashes back from 37,000 to 32000. Can this indicate that this Full Combo video of Schmooey is spliced in the later stage?Schmooey could only say that he did spell the video, even when confronted with hard evidence.Jobu and others sent him his YouTube homepage and asked him to tell him which other videos were fake.Schmooey was silent for a long time.CarnyJared hit the nail on the head, saying: ‘Dude, if you can’t point out which one is fake, that means a lot, right?’In many videos, it is also true to find no traces of stitching, such as the FC video of APOLLO 22++ uploaded on November 18, 2021.The video shows him in a darkened room, wearing a black tank top that makes it impossible to accurately observe his fingering.The problem was that the weather (the black conveyor belt that pulled the spectrum down) had significantly slowed down after the performance.Normally, the speed of scrolling has not changed in Highways, and the Schmooey video slowed down before the checkout screen — an effect that was done using Cheat Engine, a plug-in software.In Clone Hero it can do a lot of things, from slowing down the song and the plane at the same time to speeding up a perfect FC later in the video.After Schmooey clicked the Start button during a play stream to import the video into editing software, the Cheat Engine icon appeared in the menu’s “Recent Visits.”Cheat EngineSchmooey, second from the top, initially tried to defend herself, but as one lie after another was uncovered, the community began to speak out against Schmooey.Schmooey eventually admitted that almost all of his videos were fake or rigged, and later deleted all of his videos from his channel and posted an apology.In the video, he said he acted out of vanity and greed and admitted that he had not been honest about everything in previous conversations with Jobu and others.Finally, he promised to return the thousands of dollars he made online.Schmooey’s story has sparked a lot of buzz among Clone Hero players. It’s a very small community, with only a few hundred or thousands of fans on the channel. Who would have thought that such a small group of people would be able to make a name for themselves by playing poker?It’s almost impossible to make money from such a clique, and Schmooey’s initial motivation may have been that he actually loved it.And when this love is bad, only he should know.References (all start with YouTube channel name) :Abyssoft – Guitar Hero CHEATER Fakes Runs To Steal Cash BountiesGhostforce – The Biggest Cheating Scandal in Guitar Hero Historykellisthebellis – more proof that schmooey faked supernovaeCarnyJared – Schmooey Clips I Hit In 2 HOURS

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